How to Cancel YouFit Membership Online? – 3 Methods

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How to Cancel YouFit Membership online

YouFit is a famous company in the USA that provides paid gym membership services for health and fitness. There are a variety of subscriptions available on YouFit, which have their own benefits. If you are also a member of YouFit and want to cancel YouFit membership online, you can easily do that by using the methods provided below.

How to Cancel YouFit Membership Online?

You can easily cancel your YouFit Membership online by requesting them to Cancel your YouFit Membership by calling them directly at 888.827.9262 or emailing them at and don’t forget to include your 10-digit YouFit membership agreement number.

How to Cancel YouFit Membership?

If you want to cancel your YouFit membership in the old-school way, yes you also have the option to cancel your YouFit membership by visiting your YouFit club’s location. After that ask any of the YouFit staff members, that you wish to cancel your YouFit Membership. He/She will provide you with a YouFit Membership Cancelation Form.

Carefully fill out the entire form with the required information and hand it over to one of YouFit’s staff members. Now the last step is to pay the YouFit Membership cancelation fee, which will be approximately $10. Now everything is done. Just wait 10 days to process the form. After 10 days of waiting time, your YouFit membership will be canceled.

How to Cancel YouFit Membership from Home?

Alternatively, you can cancel your YouFit membership from your home by mailing them the YouFit Membership Cancelation Form. Download the YouFit Personal Training Cancellation Request Form and print out the cancellation request form. Fill out all the required details asked in the cancellation form.

Now lastly send the cancellation request form to YouFit Mailing address. Don’t forget to include the cancelation fee and other expenses.

#### YouFit Mailing Address ####

4032 W. Hillsboro Blvd.,

Deerfield Beach,

FL 33442

How to Freeze YouFit Membership?

Instead of canceling your YouFit membership permanently. You can temporarily freeze your YouFit membership for 1 to 3 months twice a year. Keep one thing in mind, there will be a $5 monthly fee for the months that you have frozen.

Call 888.827.9262 or send an email to with your 10-digit membership agreement number to freeze YouFit Membership.

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Final Words

If you encounter any issues while canceling your YouFit membership you can use the YouFit Contact Us Form to reach out to them. Alternatively, YouFit Live Chat is also available to assist you with any type of help you want. So you have learned how you can cancel out your YouFit membership in a variety of ways.

Frequently Asked Questions

Best YouFit Alternatives after you cancel YouFit Membership?

After canceling your YouFit membership you can see one of these YouFit alternative services.

Can I transfer my YouFit membership to another individual instead of canceling it?

Yes, YouFit allows you to transfer your YouFit membership to your relatives or friends. Just take that person or family member to the YouFit location and the rest of the process will be completed by YouFit staff members.

How long does it take for the YouFit cancellation to be processed?

It usually takes 10 working days to process your YouFit membership cancellation. In some cases, it may take longer than 10 days to proceed. Once your YouFit membership is canceled you will receive a confirmation email to your email address.

How can I make changes to my YouFit Membership information?

If you are urged to make any type of changes to your YouFit membership, you can easily do that. YouFit allows you to make changes to your YouFit membership. Just fill out the Membership information change form and submit it with the proper changes.

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