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Download Waze Voices

The Waze app is a powerful and convenient navigation app out there, which enables users to navigate through traffic and reach their destinations efficiently. The Waze voice assistant keeps you updated with Real-Time Traffic and accidents and even works with in-app Notifications.

If you don’t like the default voice of Waze Assistant, you can download custom Waze voice packs and use them or even record and use your voice for Waze voice commands. In this article, we have collected the best Waze voices to download.

So, let’s get started and dig deep dive into it.

Download Waze Voices (80+ Waze Voice Packs)

Here are the links to the Waze voices, which you can download and use on the Waze app. Just make sure to download and install the Waze app first. You can find more Waze voice packs from Github:

SR#Voice Pack TitleLinkLanguage
1.Andy Field – FNAFDownloadEnglish
2.Armie HammerDownloadEnglish
3.Aerobic Instructor 80’sDownloadEnglish
4.Batman – Kevin ConroyDownloadEnglish
5.Arnold Schwarzenegger – TerminatorDownloadEnglish
6.Boy GeorgeDownloadEnglish
7.C-3PO – Star Wars – EnglishDownloadEnglish
8.C-3PO – Star Wars – SpanishDownloadSpanish
9.Catriona GrayDownloadEnglish
10.Cookie MonsterDownloadEnglish
11.Boy BandDownloadEnglish
12.Colonel Sanders – KFCDownloadEnglish
13.Christina AguileraDownloadEnglish
14.Dexter Morgan – Michael C. HallDownloadEnglish
16.DJ 70’sDownloadEnglish
17.DJ KhaledDownloadEnglish
18.Dizzee RascalDownloadEnglish
19.Ed HelmsDownloadEnglish
21.Escharum – HaloDownloadEnglish
22.Elvis PresleyDownloadEnglish
23.Fraggle Rock RedDownloadEnglish
24.Forza Horizon 4 – Maurice LaMarcheDownloadEnglish
25.Jay LenoDownloadEnglish
26.Honkai Star RailDownloadEnglish
27.Kevin HartDownloadEnglish
29.Liam NeesonDownloadEnglish
30.Leona ChinDownloadEnglish
31.Lincoln CanadaDownloadEnglish
32.Lightning McQueenDownloadEnglish
33.Master Chief – HaloDownloadEnglish
34.Madea – Tyler PerryDownloadEnglish
35.Morgan FreemanDownloadEnglish
36.Mr. TDownloadEnglish
38.Neil Patrick HarrisDownloadEnglish
39.Mrs. ClausDownloadEnglish
40.Phil Miller – Last Man On EarthDownloadEnglish
41.PAW PatrolDownloadEnglish
42.Rob GronkowskiDownloadEnglish
43.Pop Star 90’sDownloadEnglish
44.Shaquille O’NealDownloadEnglish
45.Santa – ADownloadEnglish
46.Soccer CommentatorDownloadEnglish
48.Stephen ColbertDownloadEnglish
49.The Grand TourDownloadEnglish
50.Terry CrewsDownloadEnglish
51.Tony Fernandes – AirAsiaDownloadEnglish
52.The QueenDownloadEnglish
53.Vlade DivacDownloadEnglish
54.Toy Story 4DownloadEnglish
55.Benny SuDownloadDutch
56.Country BoyDownloadEnglish
57.Angry BatmanDownloadEnglish
58.Drew LynchDownloadEnglish
59.Dale Earnhart Jr.DownloadEnglish
60.Englishman – Sir WilliamDownloadEnglish
61.F1 2020DownloadEnglish
62.Eddie Murphy by SuperflameDownloadFrench
64.French Romance – JulienDownloadFrench
65.Gollum par SuperflameDownloadEnglish
66.Gollum & SmeagolDownloadEnglish
67.Homer by SuperflameDownloadFrench
68.James Veitch – English ComedianDownloadEnglish
69.Grand Theft Auto IVDownloadEnglish
70.Jeff Dunham’s Bubba JDownloadEnglish
71.Jeff Dunham’s – Achmed TDTDownloadEnglish
72.Le Warm – Up ElliotDownloadFrench
73.Julien Lepers by SuperflameDownloadFrench
74.Mark PilgrimDownloadEnglish
75.Manu dans le 6/sur NRJDownloadFrench
76.Nick KraftDownloadDutch
77.Morgan Freeman par SuperflameDownloadFrench
78.Philippe & Sandy NOSTALGIEDownloadFrench
79.NY Mom – BarbaraDownloadEnglish
80.Shizbox – Insulting British GuyDownloadEnglish
81.Ronny RetroDownloadDutch
82.Sranang WegwijzerDownloadSurinamese
83.So Horny – SFWDownloadHorn
84.Toiley T. PaperDownloadEnglish
85.VTM: onderweg met GugaDownloadDutch
86.VTM: onderweg met TineDownloadDutch

How to Change Voice in Waze App [Android & IOS]

If you don’t like the default voice of the Waze assistant, then you can set up your custom voice. Just follow the procedure to assign your voice to the Waze assistant:

  • Launch the Waze app on your IOS or Android device.
  • Tap on the My Waze next to the nav icon.
Tap on the Nav icon labeled My Waze
Download Waze Voices: 80+ Waze Voices 1
  • A side panel will open, and from there Tap on the Settings icon.
Tap on the Settings icon
Download Waze Voices: 80+ Waze Voices 2
  • Now you are on the Waze settings and from there Tap on the Voice and Sound option.
Tap on Voice and Sounds on Waze app Settings
Download Waze Voices: 80+ Waze Voices 3
  • Tap on Sounds. From there you can access all the available sounds on the Waze app.
Tap on Sounds to Change voice on Waze app
Download Waze Voices: 80+ Waze Voices 4
  • Tap on Add a Voice to add your own voice to Waze.
Tap on Add Voice
Download Waze Voices: 80+ Waze Voices 5
  • It will display a Safety Warning, just Tap on OK and move forward.
Tap on Ok to close the Safety Warning Pop up
Download Waze Voices: 80+ Waze Voices 6
  • Now, a bunch of voices will appear in front of you. Just tap on your favorite one.
Select your favourite voice recorder to set your own
Download Waze Voices: 80+ Waze Voices 7
  • It will display a pop-up and ask you to record your voice. Tap on the Mic icon and record your voice. (just speak any English sentence in a clear voice)
Tap on the mic icon and start recording your voice
Download Waze Voices: 80+ Waze Voices 8
  • After that, Tap on the Save button.
Tap on Save button to save your vocie on Waze app
Download Waze Voices: 80+ Waze Voices 9
  • Tap on Done, to save the changes.
After that Tap on Done button
Download Waze Voices: 80+ Waze Voices 10
  • Another Pop-up will appear, asking you to name your voice to continue. Just enter your name for Voice. It can be anything, it does not matter at all. Finally, Click on the Add button.
Name your custom voice and Tap on add button
Download Waze Voices: 80+ Waze Voices 11
  • Tap on your voice to set it as the default voice for the Waze app. (make sure to make the white circle green to change the default voice)
Download Waze Voices: 80+ Waze Voices 12

After that, Your custom voice has been assigned to the Waze assistant, and you can further edit the voice, and even share the voice with your friends.

How to Install Custom Voices to the Waze Assistant

If you want to assign, the above voices to your Waze assistant. Well, you can do that also, this process is almost the same.

  • Open this page on your Android web browser.
  • Tap on any of the voice Download links and wait for it.
Tap on the Download link
Download Waze Voices: 80+ Waze Voices 13
  • It will automatically redirect you to the Waze app Voice and Sound settings.
  • You can see a new Voice has been added to the Waze Voice recorder.
  • Tap on that recording and wait until it’s downloaded.
Tap on the Voice to download it
Download Waze Voices: 80+ Waze Voices 14
  • Tap on the circle to make it green and your custom voice has been assigned to your Waze assistant.
Select the Custom Waze voice and make it default
Download Waze Voices: 80+ Waze Voices 15

Final Worlds

So that’s it for now. Hope you like this article and find it interesting. If you have any type of queries related to this topic, feel free to ask in the comment section.

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