How to Cancel CenterPoint Energy Service Online?

How to Cancel Centerpoint Energy services?

If you are getting the services of Natural gas and electricity from Centerpoint. And if you are not satisfied with the CenterPoint Energy services, or whatever the reason is, in the end, you just want to cancel CenterPoint Energy service. Then don’t worry, you should find us reliable in this article because this article has beneficial effects for the cancelation of services.

Centerpoint is known as a Utility company that provides us with services of Natural gas and Electricity. This service is available for both residential and business areas.

What is meant by Centerpoint Energy?

CenterPoint Energy is an American Energy Company that provides natural gas and electricity to almost all customers in six States. Centerpoint Energy was founded in 1882 and is a Fortune, consisting of 500 companies.

Services Inclusion in Centerpoint Energy.

  • Distribution and Electric Transmission
  • Power Generation
  • Distribution of Natural Gas

This company is providing services to almost 7 million customers in Indiana, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Ohio, and Texas. In case of any emergency related to Centerpoint Energy, you can contact 800-227-1376.

You can avail of the services of Centerpoint Energy by enrolling the AutoPay by signing and dating the back of the form of your bill. Another way is by registering or signing into your CenterPoint Energy account online.

How to Cancel Centerpoint Energy Services?

You can cancel Centerpoint Energy services by calling on the helpline or submitting the online form.

  • You should call the service number (866-275-5252) of Centerpoint Energy and ask them if you want to talk to a service representative.
  • Now request a representative, that you want to cancel the service of Centerpoint Energy, and give them a reason if they ask.
  • Give them your account details of service, your number, your details, and other information that is required by them to cancel CenterPoint Energy service.
  • After all information is given, request them to send you the cancelation confirmation mail or email.

How to Pause or Stop Centerpoint Energy Services?

You can pause or stop your Centerpoint Energy services by filling out a given form online by Centerpoint.

  • Just, visit the page Centerpoint Energy Stop Service you will see a form field there.
  • Give your Account Number, Name, and last 4 digits of the account holder’s SSN.
  • Then, choose any reason to turn it off and fill in the other required details.
  • Now, at the end, press the Continue button at the bottom of the page and stop the service as the representative guides you. That’s it.

To pause or stop the Natural gas service of Centerpoint, you just have to visit this page fill out the online form with the required details, and Submit your form. It’s done.

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Final Words

You can always choose the alternative method to cancel CenterPoint Energy services. If one does not work, the second one works. Still, if you are unable to cancel your Centerpoint Energy, contact the Centerpoint Energy service team immediately and inform them of the issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I cancel my CenterPoint service?

You can cancel CenterPoint service, simply by dialing their contact number 866-275-5252, asking the representative, that you want to get rid of their service, verify your ownership.

How do I cancel my CenterPoint order online?

Simply call them at 800-MYCP (800-6927) and provide relevant information about your name, address, and other information for verification and they will do the rest of the process and within a matter of time, your Centerpoint Energy will be canceled.

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