15 Best Cloud Gaming Apps for Android 2024

As technology is flourishing day by day, cloud gaming is turning the computing device into a gaming platform. Mobile phone usage is increasing nowadays, and new ones are being manufactured at a high rate. In the future, we will use a gaming cloud instead of downloading apps.

Gaming releases stress and is a way for entertainment, fun, and thrill. However, cloud providers are focused on advantages for attracting people. In short, cloud gaming is the future of gaming.

In this post, we will gonna discuss the best cloud gaming apps for Android devices. These apps are hand-picked by our team and are compatible with almost all Android devices out there. Let’s see, the complete list of these apps.

What is Cloud Gaming?

Cloud gaming is a new format of gaming that allows gamers to download apps on mobile phones and play them online instead of connecting phones to a console physically.

You can do this by approaching an Ethernet connection instead of downloading it. Cloud provides benefits that you can play games anywhere and any time and can play games offline without losing the progress.

Its services are becoming more popular day by day because:

  • It provides an interesting gaming experience.
  • Allows gamers to approach a maximum of PC games from Android devices.

List of Best Cloud Gaming Apps for Android

There are many Cloud gaming Apps but below are top Apps for gaming. These apps get pretty good reviews on the Google Play Store. You can install and use them on your Android device. Without having good hardware requirements.

1: Moonlight

It is free of a game streaming app and it can be used on smartphones and tablets. It supports all Android devices and you can download it from Google Play Store. It is designed to support Mobile phones, tablets, and other handheld traditional devices.

It supports video game consoles like Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and many more. It also supports Windows 10, macOS, iOS, and Linux.

2: Google Stadia

It is a new gaming platform developed by Google, on which you can enjoy high-quality games without downloading anything. You can buy the games and play them on any device.

With a good Wi-Fi network connection, you can stream games on your mobile devices and TV. It also supports Windows 10, macOS, iOS, Chrome OS, Linux One, Play Station, and VR headsets. You can play every type of game on it.

3: Vortex

A free cloud gaming app that turns your smartphone into high-performance gaming machine. But you will have to buy it at the price of $9.99 per month for ranging over its features. After subscription, you will be able to play hundreds of games.

The best thing about it is that you do not need to buy anything apart from a mobile phone. You will just have to install the Vortex Cloud gaming client and will be able to enjoy it.

A new gaming app that allows you to play PC games on your Android mobile phone is called SteamLink.It was launched by VALVE.

You do not need to buy any specific device for playing on it, you should just have a computing device and USB Gamepad. To play on it simply connect your phone to a Wi-Fi network, open SteamLink, and start playing on it.

But you will have to install the SteamLink app on your PC because it uses an existing account for its work. If you already have an account, Log into it, if you don’t create a new one.

5: NetBoom

It plays high-quality games on your mobile phone. With NetBoom, you do not need to worry about installing, because they have all setup necessary features.

You can access all free, premium games, on smartphones. You can play games on it after installing it without the internet.

6: Nvidia Geforce Now

This application is free and it allows streaming of games on PC from Nvidia SHIELD devices, including the new SHIELD Tablet.

It will be accessible from 1st July in the Google Play Store. It is supportive of only Android 5.0 or higher. You can use it on any Android device connected to your home network or Wi-Fi.

On Nvidia GeForce Now, You can also continue your work where you left off by using the Bluetooth feature. If you want to pause the game, do not worry connect and disconnect the controller whenever you want to pause the game.

7: Ztream

A cloud Gaming platform on which you can play and enjoy games online without downloading them is called Ztream. It does not matter, if you use an Android or iOS device, you can play any game on your mobile phone.

Ztream is the best free Cloud Gaming App and there are no connection problems or data limits in it, and everything runs smoothly. There is a fast connection and unlimited data usage in it.

You are able games anywhere and anytime due to Cloud Gaming Engine. You can access games in whichever place you are traveling or sitting.

8: Rainway

It allows gaming lovers to enjoy multiple games on it, and everything is accessible related to gaming. You can play games from multiple places by using it, like, PC (MAC), iOS, Android, Xbox One, PS4 Switch, and more.

It works smoothly, when you start playing on it, you will not notice any strange happening behind the scenes, and you do not stop playing. But it saves your movement to a secure Cloud Storage System when you stop playing.

It makes you able to play games that you look at the service catalog from Steam, itch.io, Uplay, etc. It is competitive with more sites, and you can stream easily from its application to other sites. This quality makes it unique from others.

9: Game CC

Game CC is another Android Cloud Gaming App, where you can play games free like “Grand Theft Auto V” for a limited time. Game CC cloud computer turns your Android Smartphone into a gaming CC. You can contact the computer host with your phone, or Tablet.

You can play games on it with resolutions of 720P and 1080P, it does not delay and works smoothly, and is optimized for cloud gaming. It can be played with almost 60 FPS without any issues. It is an excellent Cloud Gaming app for playing PC and PS4 games on Android devices.

10: Shadow

Are you looking for an enthusiastic cloud place for gaming? Then Shadow may be the best app for you. It provides great speed and is dedicated to Cloud Gaming software for computers. With separate gaming sources, you will be able to buy a full Windows 10 installation.

It is different from other platforms, shadow directs you to the Windows 10 desktop. As it is more friendly and wide-ranged, this platform allows you to install and download new applications.

11: Xbox Game Pass

This is not free of cost like others. It is a subscription-based Cloud Gaming platform by Microsoft Corporation. You can buy it at a very low cost and can find more and play high-quality Android Xbox games or download them to your Xbox console by using an Android device.

  • First, Unlock EA Play power with Xbox PC to finalize it to avoid extra charges.
  • Then you will be able to approach the group of EA’s best-loved games, in-game rewards, and play a trial of selected new games.

12: JoyArk

With the help of JoyArk, you can play every PC game on any device, as well as Android phones. But one bad thing about it is that it does not provide initial guidelines when you start using it.

So, you will have to spend more time looking over its features and enjoying games on it. At the same time, it provides a stable network connection, and bugs and hang-ups are quite common here.

13: Torq

Torq has less popularity and small development due to which its price is low. This is a product of a small indie company that just decided to help other players and providers of their servers

You can enjoy games at low prices that are difficult to play on other devices in the user interface OR dashboard in which you choose a game that, is easy to learn And uncomplicated.

14: Microsoft Azur Cloud Games

A cloud was launched in 2018, with project Xc Cloud which uses Azure Cloud gaming services. Azure designed cloud games making it easily usable and affordable to play video games.

This is supportive of building, managing, and supporting services and other applications for the cloud. Additional services like – Azure DevOps, Azure PlayFab, and Azure cognitive services.

15: Blacknut

For Android devices, it is the fastest service for cloud gaming. After selecting a subscription plan, it provides you the too high-quality tiles. It is adaptable with any device and it also provides the resume option for games on phones, desktops, etc.

Final Words

If you like this piece of content, make sure to comment on your suggestion regarding this article and also read on best calendar apps for Android. We will add up new and new cloud gaming apps after testing.

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