How to Get a Picsart Free Trial with Discord Nitro?

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Picsart is a tool for Editing Images Online. Picsart helps presenters make polished graphics and logos in minutes. It solves a problem by giving people a way to make and edit images and videos online, even if they aren’t familiar with Video and Photo Editing.

Smart features like Templates, Smart Designs, and Filters can make your photos stand out. The Video Editing Tool is simple, yet powerful enough to fulfill an organization’s needs. You can easily add Text and Sound Effects to your videos.

Picsart Pros and Cons

  • Includes Free Online Video & Photo Editing Tools
  • Free Templates to Choose from
  • Can Customize Image Resolution
  • No Watermark after export on Free Version
  • Autosave option not Available
  • Difficult for New Users

Free VS Paid Plan Picsart

Users can edit photos on Picsart For Free most of the time. But in the free version, you can only do some simple editing. So, if you want to use all of Picsart’s features, you need to subscribe to the Gold or Team version.

After buying a premium version of PicsArt, you can use the 7-day OR
3-Month Free Trial
to Try out the Premium Features. If you don’t like the free trial, you can cancel the Picsart Subscription at any time before the Trial Ends.

Picsart Paid Plans Pricing

Subscription TypePricing

How to Get a Picsart Free Trial?

Ready to get your Picsart free 7-day free trial? Just follow these steps to start your Picsart 7-Day free trial:

How-to-Get-Picsart-Free-Trial – Fig.01
  • After that, Click on Get Started Button.
How-to-Get-Picsart-Free-Trial – Fig.02
  • Click Continue with Email to log in to your Picsart Account. (You can also choose the alternative method to log in to your Picsart account, labeled as 1,2,3, and 4.)
How-to-Get-Picsart-Free-Trial – Fig.03
  • You can either go with PayPal or with your Credit Card. (Enter your card details in the following sections marked as red)
How-to-Get-Picsart-Free-Trial – Fig.04
  • Once you’ve put in your information, click the Start Free Trial button to get a 7-day free trial of PicsArt.

How to Get Picsart 3-Month Free Trial With Discord Nitro?

If you buy Discord Nitro, you can use a redeem code to get a Free 3-month trial of Picsart Gold. Follow these steps to get PicsArt’s 3-month free trial;

  • When you buy Discord Nitro, the ad will show up at the top of your screen.
  • Now, go to Discord Settings.
How-to-Get-Picsart-Free-Trial – Fig.05
  • From the list of options, choose Gift Inventory.
How-to-Get-Picsart-Free-Trial – Fig.06
  • Under Your Gifts, you can choose Picsart Gold for 3 months.
  • Click See Code.
  • After that, you’ll be able to see the PicsArt Gold redemption code. Just Copy the Code and Click Redeem.
How-to-Get-Picsart-Free-Trial – Fig.07
How-to-Get-Picsart-Free-Trial – Fig.08
  • Then you’ll be asked to Sign in or make an account.
  • After you sign in, a pop-up will ask you to Enter the Code you Copied from Discord.
  • After pasting the Redemption Code, you can Continue the Payment with a Credit Card or PayPal. (You won’t charge a single penny, so don’t worry)
  • You’re finally done. Now, you can see the Crown Logo at the top of your profile to show that you’ve successfully activated the 3-month Free Trial for Picsart Gold.
How-to-Get-Picsart-Free-Trial – Fig.09

How to Cancel Picsart Subscription?

If you want to Cancel the Picsart Subscription due to some XYZ reasons, you can cancel your Picsart subscription at any time to end the free trial before the end of the period. Follow the steps below after you’ve gone to the Picsart website and signed in.

  • Press the icon that looks like a person’s face at the top of the screen and choose Settings.
How-to-Get-Picsart-Free-Trial – Fig.10
  • Next, click on Billing & Subscriptions under the Account section.
How-to-Get-Picsart-Free-Trial – Fig.11
  • Now, click Cancel Subscription to end your membership plan and free trial.

So that’s all folks. Hope you are fine. And thanks for reading till the end. Make sure to spread the love!

Final Words

No doubt Picsart is really a game-changing app for digital marketing experts. And to be honest the price really worth it. While the new members can benefit from a free trial, the free plan is still enough for any beginner, who wants to shine in the digital marketing field.

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