How to Cancel Doxo Account in 3 Minutes?

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How to Cancel Doxo Account
  • Cancel Doxo Account within 3 minutes: Login to Doxo Acc > Open Settings > Hit Cancel My Doxo Account. Finished!
  • Additionally, Contact the Doxo Support Team. Request them to Cancel Your Doxo Account.

In today’s most busy life, people often forget their small but important tasks that are very necessary to do. One of those small businesses is keeping a check on your bills and accounts.

Sometimes, people forget to pay their bills, and they are charged with extra money, due to this reason they subscribe to the Doxo Account. But what if you happen to cancel Doxo account?

What is meant by Doxo?

It is an online platform that manages your billing and payments in one place. It is very important for businessmen, but if this is no longer a need for you, it allows you to cancel the subscription anytime. But, before canceling, request the team for a copy of all your data to ensure that you have a backup of your all information.

How to Cancel Doxo Account Online?

If you want to cancel the DOXO Account following are some steps to do:

  • Log In to your Doxo account and open the Settings page.
  • In the Settings menu you will see the My DOXO Account option, click on it.
  • The team will ask you for verification of your decision, tap on ‘YES’ to positive answer.
  • Then you will have to send a verifying email, to express that you want to get rid of the account.
  • They will send you a notification once the cancelation is done, and your Doxo account is canceled.

How to Cancel Doxo Account PC/Browser/Website?

Following are some steps to cancel Doxo Account:

  • Open the Doxo Official website on your browser.
  • From the Doxo login page, sign in to your Doxo Account.
  • At the bottom of the page click My Settings Menu and visit the Setting menu.
  • Scrolling down, tap Cancel My Doxo Account at the bottom.

Make sure you want to cancel the account, once you have decided, your email will be sent to you to confirm that your account is deleted successfully.

How to Cancel Doxo Account Using Doxo Support?

This method of account cancelation can be done by Click on the Get User Support option and the Live Chat button will appear on the screen at the bottom right of the screen. Put a message first, I want to cancel my Doxo Account, and they will have a chat with you to cancel your account.

Can You Cancel Doxo Order Payment?

Yes, you can cancel the payment on Doxo. It’s good thing is, it allows you that you can cancel your order, which will also cancel payment. But you have up to 24 hours after placing the order to cancel it.

After 24 hours, it is too late to cancel the order, they will not act on your request and the package will be sent. So, to avoid payment cancel the order before 24 hours of placing the order.

Customer Service Number of Doxo

206-319-0097 is the customer service contact number and you can call them any time for any kind of assistance.

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Final Words

Delete your Doxo account permanently, if you want that they don’t use their provided information. You can cancel your account on your own or by contacting their customer service support team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Is reactivation of Doxo Canceled Account possible?

No, it is not possible to reactivate deleted Doxo account, but you will have to create a new account for it.

Q2: After Canceling Doxo Account, will all payment history be deleted?

No, your Doxo account payment history will not be deleted you can download or save any important information.

Q3: Are there any DOXO account cancelation fees?

No, the Doxo account cancelation process is free of cost.

Q4: May I cancel Doxo Account while my payments are pending?

It is highly recommended to pay all their bills before canceling the account because it may create disruption in payments and billing and there may be potential issues.

Q5: Is there any specific time to Cancel Doxo Account?

No, there is no specific time to cancel its account, you can cancel it at any time.

Q6: Can you cancel your Doxo payment?

Yes, you can cancel your payment. But you will have to do this 24 hours after the order is placed. After 24 hours order will be placed and there will be no refund of payment.

Q7: How can I get my DOXO Payment refund?

Once your payment is processed and completed then you can acquire payment from the person to whom you made the payment. If he does not refund then contact Doxo Customer Support Team.

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