How to Download Videos from Facebook Easily in 2024?

Want to download videos from Facebook for offline watching? Here's how you can save Facebook videos locally to watch them later.

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How to Download Videos from Facebook

Facebook is a well-known and commonly used social media platform for numerous purposes. It will become more of an entertaining platform than a socializing platform. Multiple visual content present on this Meta platform offers memes, information, entertainment, updates, and much more. 

But still, there is no download option available to save Facebook videos offline. Many users need to download videos from Facebook to save them locally.

If you are fed up with this restriction and want to download videos from Facebook easily, continue reading the article below. We will guide and mention all the ways to remove this barrier and allow Facebook video downloading.

Is it Possible to Download Videos from Facebook?

Disappointingly, no video content isn’t allowed to be downloaded by Facebook. All types of videos on Facebook, including stories, reels, watches, and posts, don’t offer the Download option. Therefore, you can’t rewatch them without internet connectivity and saving them for offline.

Download Videos from Facebook Using Downloader Website?

An online FaceBook video downloader is the easiest way to download Facebook videos. It is a cross-platform method that doesn’t restrict any device or system user from accessing it. Using a Facebook video downloader, you do not have to worry about the platform compatibility of the tool. You can download videos from Facebook using any device by following the steps below.

  1. Play any Facebook video either on a mobile app or a PC browser that you want to download.
Play the Facebook Video that you want to download
How to Download Videos from Facebook Easily in 2024? 1
  1. Click on 3 Dots and select the Copy Link option.
Tap on 3 dots and select the Copy Link option
How to Download Videos from Facebook Easily in 2024? 2
  1. Now launch your default web browser app, and open the Duplichecker Facebook Video Downloader website.
  2. In the field paste the Facebook video link, solve the captcha, and click on the Download Video button.
Paste the Facebook Video link solve the captcha and click on Download Video button
How to Download Videos from Facebook Easily in 2024? 3

In just a flash of light, it will download any video from Facebook, i.e., story, reel, or watch video. Moreover, the Facebook story downloader allows you to choose the most appropriate video quality version before downloading a video.

Download Videos from Facebook Using Chrome Extension?

If you still use Facebook on your laptop or desktop instead of a mobile app, there is good news for you. Installing a Facebook video downloading extension on your PC browser allows you to download videos from Facebook.

Like other web browser extensions, stay limited to their functions without intruding on your web activities. Using the FB video downloader extension doesn’t compromise your privacy and data. To download Facebook videos with an extension, follow these steps.

  1. Go to your web browser store and search for Video Downloader for FaceBook extension to download Facebook videos.
  2. Allow access to your browser and allow permissions to save media.
  3. Open Facebook on your browser and play any video you want to download.
  4. Clicking the extension icon on your extension bar will begin downloading Facebook videos.

Thus, you can download any video from Facebook to your PC with just a single click. 

Download Videos from Facebook Using Desktop Software or Mobile App?

Facebook videos can also be downloaded using platform-specific mobile apps and desktop software. However, before proceeding and downloading a software/app, you must check compatibility with your device. Utilities For instance, if you are a smartphone user, you must install an Android app for Android OS and iOS application for Apple products.

If you are a Facebook mobile app user, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your mobile applications store to download a Facebook video downloader mobile app. 
  2. Give it access to your smartphone gallery and allow it to download media there.
  3. Open Facebook, find your desired video, browse its options, and copy the video URL.
  4. Paste the link into the video-downloading app, and it will save it on your mobile gallery.

Contrarily, desktop users should follow the given steps:

  1. Install FB video downloading software by searching on the web.
  2. Open the Facebook browser version and play any video on it.
  3. Facebook video downloading software offers a pop-up icon. Clicking on it will start downloading your videos. 

Download Videos from Facebook Using FaceBook Slug?

Did you know that you can download videos from Facebook by editing the Facebook slug in the URL window? But living in 2024, you may have to experience the old Facebook interface.

This Facebook video downloading may include some tricky steps but is useful for the ones who don’t trust third-party intervention. Here is how you can download any Facebook video by just making edits to the video’s original link. 

  1. Go to your Facebook App or open the desktop version on your PC.
  2. Play the corresponding Facebook video and browse its options to copy links from the mobile app or directly copy from the URL window if using a PC.
How to Download Videos from Facebook Easily in 2024? 4
  1. Go to your mobile browser or open another tab (on PC) to paste the video URL.
Edit the URL of Facebook Video
How to Download Videos from Facebook Easily in 2024? 5
  1. When the video is displayed properly, go to the address bar and replace the “www” with “mbasic“.
enter mbasic words on URL of Facebook video
How to Download Videos from Facebook Easily in 2024? 6
  1. The video will then be browsed in the old Facebook mobile interface. Play it by clicking/tapping the play button.
Play the Facebook Video to Download it
How to Download Videos from Facebook Easily in 2024? 7
  1. It will then be opened in another tab. Open video options here and select Download.
Click on 3 dots and then select the Download option
How to Download Videos from Facebook Easily in 2024? 8

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Final Words

In the above article, multiple ways can allow you to download Facebook videos easily. For instance, you can save videos on your PC by installing a web browser or desktop software. They offer to download Facebook videos in a single click.

You can also use a mobile app or an online Facebook downloader to download videos conveniently. By simply copying/pasting the link into them, you are provided with the downloaded version of Facebook videos.

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