All 8 Snapchat Planets Order, Meaning, Rank & Colors

Snapchat Planets Order & Meaning

Snapchat is already a crowd-puller and Snapchat Plus also keeps on adding new features in it. Snapchat Plus opens up advanced features for its subscribers. Snapchat+ advanced features and functions are available only to those users who paid for it. Now it’s 2024 going to start and there are many countries in which Membership of the Snapchat+ plan is available.

Out of the best Snapchat Plus features, one about which users are talking on social media is called Snapchat Planets also known as Snapchat Friends Solar System. It ranks those friends in the friend list to whom you have messaged a lot and compares them to Planets. If you are thinking about what are Snapchat Planets. Do not worry, we have written complete information about it in this article, so read this article carefully.

In this article you will learn about:

  • What are the planets of Snapchat?
  • Their Orders
  • Meanings and Much More

What is Snapchat Plus?

Snapchat Plus is a paid membership that enables users to access new features who pay for it. Users can buy a subscription to access advanced features and extra actions. It also provides a trial of 7 days that you can avail of before purchasing the subscription. Its Subscription period and charges are below:

  • Monthly: $3.99
  • Semi annual:$21.99
  • Annual:$39.99

The most noticeable feature that Snapchat adds after a subscription is Changing the Icon of the Snapchat App, You can view who rewatched your Story and can watch your favorite friend in the list of BFFs. Despite getting the paid subscription, it will not remove ads from your Profile, you will have to watch them. And Jacob Andreou said about the ads;

Ads are going to stay at the foundation of our revenue strategy for the long future

Here are the complete list of the newly introduced Snapchat+ features:

  1. Enhanced Filters and Effects
    • Augmented Reality Filters
    • Advanced Video Effects
  2. Extended Media Storage
  3. No More Time Limits
  4. Stealth Mode: The Ultimate Privacy
  5. Snapsaver: Saving Snaps Effortlessly
  6. Managing Multiple Accounts
  7. Best Friends Forever
  8. Story Rewatch Indicator
  9. Custom App Icons
  10. Custom App Theme Editor
  11. Snapchat+ Badge
  12. Friend Solar System
  13. Priority Story Replies
  14. Post View Emojis
  15. Bitmoji Backgrounds
  16. Story Timer
  17. Capturing Color
  18. Custom Notification Sounds
  19. Friend Snapscore Change
  20. Chat Wallpapers
  21. Custom Capture Buttons
  22. Gift Snapchat+
  23. Story Boost
  24. Map Appearance
  25. Dark Mode on Android

What is Snapchat Planets: Friends Solar System?

One of the most thrilling and bold features of Snaphat+ is called Friends Solar System. It makes categories according to your interaction with your friends on the Snapchat app.

First, you will have to familiarize yourself with the Solar System How It Works, and How It Looks Like. In the natural Solar System, planets revolve around the Sun at certain distances. If you use Snapchat Plus, you are Sun of your Fiend’s Solar System. And your friends are the planets.

Order of Snapchat Solar System!

Every planet in the Snapchat Solar System is according to the position of your friends in the list. The order of the Snapchat Solar System is the same as that of the real Solar System. The Snapchat order of planets represents your closest friend to whom you send and receive most messages. And you are the Sun of your friend’s Solar System.

Here is the list of Planets and their representation in the Snapchat App. Mercury is the first planet of Snapchat, it characterizes the person with whom you send the message he replies to you mostly. The remaining other 7 planets will be represented by your friends according to your interaction with them on Snapchat, consecutively.

  • Mercury: 1st Closest Friend
  • Venus: 2nd Closest Friend
  • Earth: 3rd Closest Friend
  • Mars: 4th Closest Friend
  • Jupiter: 5th Closest Friend
  • Saturn: 6th Closest Friend
  • Uranus: 7th Closest Friend
  • Neptune: 8th Closest Friend

And this representation continues until all friends are represented with Planets. To understand the arrangements of Snapchat planets, we have explained the planets in detail with their features and colors under:

1. Mercury: Snapchat Planet Meaning & Rank

The closest planet to the Sun is Mercury. It will appear on the profile of a person with whom you share more Streaks. He is your first closest friend. It is represented by Pink Planet with Red Hearts. Mercury is a Pink Planet and 5 Red Hearts are around it.

Snapchat Mercury Planet Rank & Colors:

  • Rank 1
  • Pink Coloured Planets
  • 5 Red Hearts are around it

2. Venus: Snapchat Planet Meaning & Rank

The second closest planet of the Snapchat Solar System is Venus and it represents the Second Closest Person with whom you share most of your streaks. Its representation is a Light brown-colored planet. Yellow, Pink, and Blue hearts are revolving around it.

Snapchat Venus Planet Rank & Colors:

  • Rank 2
  • Light brown colored planet
  • Yellow, Pink, and Blue hearts revolve around it

3. Earth: Snapchat Planet Meaning & Rank

The third planet In Snapchat’s Solar System is Earth and represents the third closest friend. It is represented by Green and Blue planets with Red hearts and Moon. Its colors are the same as that of real Earth with the Moon, Covered by stars and Red Hearts around it.

Snapchat Earth Planet Rank & Colors:

  • Rank 3
  • The colors of the planet are Green and Blue
  • Red hearts and moon around it

4. Mars: Snapchat Planet Meaning & Rank

Mars represents your 4th closest friend. It is indicated by the Red Planet along with stars and Purple and Blue hearts. It is shown as a Red planet with purple and Blue hearts.

Snapchat Mars Planet Rank & Colors:

  • Rank 4
  • The planet is red colored
  • The planet is surrounded by purple and blue hearts

5. Jupiter: Snapchat Planet Meaning & Rank

Jupiter represents your 5th closest friend. It looks like a reddish orange planet along with dark orange strips and stars revolving around it. Its representation is an orange planet with no hearts.

Snapchat Jupiter Planet Rank & Colors:

  • Rank 5
  • The planet’s colour is Orange
  • Pink, Blue, and Yellow stars revolve around it

6. Saturn: Snapchat Planet Meaning & Rank

It represents your 6th closest friend. It is shown by Yellow Planet along with Gold Rings. You can see it as an orange planet with Golden Rings, and stars revolving around it.

Snapchat Saturn Planet Rank & Colors:

  • Rank 6
  • The planet with Gold rings and a Yellow color
  • Pink, Blue, and yellow stars surround the planet

7. Uranus: Snapchat Planet Meaning & Rank

It represents your 7th closest friend. It is characterized by a Green planet with no hearts.

Snapchat Uranus Planet Rank & Colors:

  • Rank 7
  • The planet’s color is Green
  • Yellow stars surround the planet

8. Neptune: Snapchat Planet Meaning & Rank

It represents your 8th closest friend. This is a Blue planet but there are no signs of Love or Life for anyone on this planet. This includes only Blue Planet.

Snapchat Neptune Planet Rank & Colors:

  • Rank 8
  • Blue colored planet
  • Blue stars with no hearts

How to See Friends Solar System with Snapchat+ Free Trial

To see in which planet you are in your friend’s galaxy. You can use Friends Solar System and the good thing is that you can get this feature for free of cost, by availing Snapchat+ 7-day free trial. It charges $3.99, $21.99, and $39.99 Monthly, Semi-annual, and Annual consecutively.

In the end, if You are not satisfied with spending on the Subscription, you can cancel your Snapchat+ free trial before the trial period ends. So act on the following steps,

  1. Update Snapchat to its Latest version.
  2. Open the Snapchat App on your smartphone.

Note: You can get the Snapchat app from the Google Play Store or from the App Store.

  1. Tap on your Snapchat profile to open your profile.
  1. Tap on the Custom App Icon on your profile page.
  1. Tap on the Next button.
  1. Hit, the Start Free Trial button.
  1. At the end, select Payment Method Subscription.

When your Snapchat+ trial starts, just open the Best Friends badge and tap on Golden Ring, You will be able to see, which planet you are in your Friends Snapchat Solar System.

How to Use Snapchat Friends Solar System?

There are two categories in it, one is Best Friend and the other is Friend. Here tag Best Friends means you are one of the 8 closest friends. Tag Friends means you are in the list of them but they are not in yours. So if you are eager to see yourself in your friend’s Snapchat Solar System, Follow the steps below,

  1. Go to the Snapchat profile of your friend.
  2. Search for and tap Best Friend (solar system if given) to see on which planet you are in your friend’s galaxy.

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Final Worlds

So that’s it for now. Hope you like this article and find it interesting. If you have any type of queries related to this topic, feel free to ask in the comment section.

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