How to Cancel LegalShield Subscription? [3 Methods]

Do you want to cancel LegalShield Subscription. Here's the complete process how you can do that.

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How to Cancel LegalShield Subscription

LegalShield is famous for its legal business advice and has provided many business and personal legal services for almost 49 years. They have grown their services into well-renowned and rounded all over the world and provide legal services for small businesses and LLC formation.

If you are a LegalShield Subscriber and want to cancel LegalShield subscription, whatever the reason is, you can cancel the subscription by following the instructions given in this article. So read it carefully, I hope you will enjoy reading the article and will be informative for you.

What is LegalShield?

LegalShield is a company that provides low-cost services related businesses to individuals, families, and small businesses. They keep you in contact with the expertise of that service that can help with a variety of legal issues, from document reviews to court representation. When you use a subscription-based business model, LegalShield increases access to legal services and lowers their costs.

It is available in all 50 states and provides many legal services by getting a monthly subscription consisting:

  • Legal consultations (for all general and more specialized legal issues).
  • Legal document reviews and Phone
  • Debt collection assistance
  • Trial defense services and many more

How to Cancel LegalShield Subscription on Smartphone?

The first method to cancel LegalShield subscription is by making a call to the LegalShield customer support service. Following are some steps to do cancelation by using this method:

  1. Call Legalshield Customer Service Cancelation Number. Which is 844-714-8494 on LegalShield in Customer Service Hours on working days from Monday to Friday 7 am to 7 pm CDT.
  2. Choose the option in which you want to communicate with the representative of the service. When you are connected to the representative, tell him that you want to cancel the LegalShield membership. He will ask you the reason for the cancelation, with no answer to any of your questions.
  3. Verify all your important details, your name account number, and reason for cancelation. For the successful process of cancelation-follow the instructions given by the representative.
  4. If you cancel LegalShield membership by your phone, you should wait for a confirmation message. To confirm cancelation is successful you must ask for the representative a confirmation email or phone number.

How to Cancel LegalShield Subscription By Email?

Apart from calling, another method to reach out to the team is by sending an Email for cancelation. Follow The steps to cancel LegalShield membership given:

  1. Compose the Email of cancelation to LegalShield to notify them about your desire to cancel your membership.
  2. In the Subject portion of the email, write Request to Cancel the Membership.
  3. Write your name, account number, and reason for the cancelation of membership in the body of your email. You can also give suggestions on how can LegalShield make its services better.
  4. Request the confirmation of cancelation of membership, and ask for important instructions if necessary. Send the composed email to and wait for the team’s response. They will respond in almost 24 hours.

How to Cancel Membership by Mail Address?

The last method to cancel Legalshield membership is by sending a LegalShield Cancelation letter to the team at their provided mail address. Following are some steps to do it by this method:

  1. Send your letter to LegalShield’s customer service Mailing Address at One Pre-Paid Way Ada, Oklahoma 74820.
  2. It is very important to give yourself some time while sending letters so that they can be delivered safely be read by the LegalShield team. As proof of delivery that may help you to follow the progress of your cancelation, you should send your letter via certified mail institutions with a return receipt that the request is conveyed successfully.
  3. When they will receive your written mail, they will contact you and will guide you in canceling the membership.

One thing you should know about this method is it will take more time than the email and phone method. So, we will recommend you follow the first two steps, if you are not interested in writing are in a hurry, but if you are then you can.

How can I receive My LegalShield refund?

If you are not concerned with its services, you can call 844-699-7076 during their office hours and submit your refund request after canceling the membership. But you must have to refund request within 60 days of purchasing membership and they will pay attention to your refund.

How to Contact LegalShield Customer Service?

The following are ways to contact Customer Service:

  • LegalShield Customer Service Phone Number:(1-866-470-1694 or 1-800-654-7757)
  • LegalSield and

You can check the LegalShield contact page for different categories of contact details.

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Final Words

I hope now you have understood all the methods of cancelation and will not face any kind of problem in doing these steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I cancel LegalShield subscription online?

No, you cannot cancel LegalShield subscription by your account. You will just have to contact customer support to cancel it.

Q2. Does LegalShield Offer a Free Trial?

No, it does not offer free trials. You can only use this service after getting its paid membership.

Q3. Can I freeze or pause my LegalShield account?

No, you cannot pause or freeze your account, you can only get rid of it by canceling the subscription.

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