Varsity TV Free Trial: 6+ Ways to Stream Varsity TV For Free?

Varsity TV Free Trial - How to Stream Varsity TV For Free

Varsity TV is a well-known platform, which streams Cheerleaders and Dancing. Live streams of events and competitions, original documentaries, trending on-demand, live sports content videos, and behind-the-scenes videos are also streamed on Varsity TV.

Furthermore, you can stream a large number of highlights and rundown reels. To stream the content available on Varsity TV you have to buy a monthly or annual subscription. At the moment, the question is, can we get a Varsity TV free trial? let’s figure out further in this article.

Is Varsity TV Free Trial available?

No, no free trials are offered by Varsity TV to its new users. But, don’t worry, there are many other options to stream Varsity TV content on other streaming platforms.

How to Stream Varsity TV Content for Free?

It’s unfortunate Varsity TV does not offer any free trial to allow its users to get a glance at what Varsity TV can offer. But it does not mean, you do have to pay for the subscription to stream Varsity TV, you can go for other streaming platforms, where you get Varsity TV content.

The only benefit of using alternate streaming platforms, they offer a free trial, which gives you to try and stream content on their platform.

Well, certainly there are many options to stream Varsity TV content for free. But currently, Apple TV and FloSports are the best ways to stream Varsity TV content. You can sign up for a free trial 0f Apple TV or FloSports to watch Varsity TV for free in the USA, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, etc.

1. FloSports – Stream Varsity TV Content for Free

FloSports has many channels, Varsity TV is one of them. Dance and cheerleading content is available on Varsity TV. If you are interested in any of these sports events, you can watch Varsity TV on FloSports TV.

You can figure out all the available channels on FloSports TV and decide whether the platform is good for you or not. Not to remind you, the FloSports free trial is also available on the platform.

2. Apple TV – Stream Varsity TV Content for Free

Another popular streaming device known as Apple TV allows you to watch Varsity TV and all other channels and media platforms. You will enjoy the good picture quality if you watch Varsity TV on Apple TV. Also, Apple TV offers a free trial for its members.

3. Roku – Stream Varsity TV Content for Free

A popular streaming device known as Roku lets you watch Varsity TV and all other sports channels and platforms. A free trial period is also offered by Varsity TV on Roku to new users as the other streaming platforms do. During the free trial, you can figure out all the content available on the Roku platform.

4. NFL Plus – Stream Varsity TV Content for Free

NFL can also be a good choice if you are seeking Varsity TV content for free. A free trial well all you need to stream your favourite content, including Varsity TV content. Alongside Varsity TV, NFL Plus also livestreams stream Regular NFL 2023/2024 Season, and Super Bowl LV2 matches.

5. Optus Sport – Stream Varsity TV Content for Free

Optus Sports is another good choice to stream Varsity TV content for free. Actually, Optus Sport is an Australian-based company, that offers live and on-demand sports-related content including Varsity TV content. It provides a wide range of sports content, such as games from the English Premier League, UEFA Champions League, and other well-known sporting occasions.

6. Crave – Stream Varsity TV Content for Free

Crave is a Canadian entertainment platform, or you can say the home of live channels and on-demand series, on which you can stream; TV Series, MoviesLive Sports Events, and many more including Varsity TV content for free. Crave is good enough to give its members free access to its platform for a limited time, by availing Crave Free Trial.

7. Varsity TV

Varsity TV is the best of all other channels for watching on-demand videos, dance shows, and cheerleading content. Varsity TV allows you to watch the most thrilling and motivating performances by sportsmen and teams. Varsity TV is a remarkable source of dance and cheerleading competitions for fans.

Let’s suppose, you don’t want to use other streaming services, then you can sign up for the monthly subscription instead of wasting time looking for a free trial. You can also cancel the membership if you are not interested in it and can try other platforms.

Varsity TV Subscription Prices?

As already discussed earlier, Varsity TV offers two types of membership plans; Monthly and Yearly for its users.

Varsity TV SubscriptionPrice
Annually$150/year [$12.50/month]

How to Get Varsity TV Subscription?

  1. Go to the Varsity TV official website on the browser.
  2. From the Varsity TV Website, click on the Subscribe button to get started.
  1. You will be redirected to the Varsity TV account creation page, from there click on the Get Started button.
  1. Insert your email address, and password, and then click on the Join Now button to move forward.
  1. Now make sure to confirm your email address by clicking on the Confirm Email.
  1. After confirming, select Monthly Plan and hit Next.
  1. After selecting the subscription plan, insert your payment credentials to complete the payment procedure.
  2. In the end, hit Start Watching to stream your Varsity TV shows.

How to Cancel Varsity TV Subscription?

If you are not satisfied after buying the Varsity TV subscription, to avoid additional charges you can also cancel Varsity TV subscription through your account subscription setting. Just follow these instructions;

  • Go to the Varsity TV Login webpage and sign in to your Varsity TV account.
  • After signing in, hit the Profile button at the top right corner.
  • After that, click on the Subscription option from the drop-down menu.
  • In the end, hit Cancel My Subscription to cancel the membership.

After that, your Varsity TV Subscription will be canceled. And you won’t be charged for the next billing. If you encounter any issues while canceling your Varsity TV subscription. You can alternatively email them at [email protected] and don’t forget to include, your name, email, and message regarding canceling your Varsity TV subscription along with a proper reason.

Varsity TV Alternatives:

Speaking of Varsity TV Alternatives, there are a bunch of alternative platforms that compete with Varsity TV. But in this table, we have only listed with a free trial option.

Varsity TV AlternativesFree Trial
ViX PlusYes

Final Worlds

So that’s it for now. Hope you like this article and find it interesting. If you have any type of queries related to this topic, feel free to ask in the comment section.

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