How to Get Splice Sounds Free Trial using Focusrite in 2024?

Splice Sounds Free Trial using Focusrite

Splice Sounds is an online music production tool, that gives Sound Designers, DJs, or Music Producers, a variety of tools to enhance their creativity. Splice is home to millions of high-quality, one-shots, Loops, Presets, and MIDI melodies. Splice also includes a large Sample Library, Plugins and Virtual Instruments (VSTs), and other Collaborative Features.

Being a paid tool, to use Splice at its full potential, you have to subscribe to one of the Splice subscriptions. Instead, of getting a subscription, you can have an insight look at Splice for free of cost, by availing of Splice Free Trial.

In today’s article, we will guide you on how to get access to Splice Free Trial. So let’s get started and dig deep dive into it.

Splice Sounds Free Trial

Generally, there are 2 methods to get Splice Sounds free trial:

  • New Method (3-Months Free Trial Access)
  • Standard Method (15-Days Free Trial Access)

Despite getting Splice Free Trial, you can purchase the following subscription if you’re interested.

PlanSound PlusCreatorCreator Plus
Sounds Credit100200500+
Monthly Price$12.99$19.99$39.99
Annual Price$129.99$199.99$399.99
Splice Sounds Subscription prices

How to Get Splice Free Trial Using Focusrite?

This method requires you to have a Focusrite product, just register the Focusrite product and you will get 3 months free access to Splice free trial. Now, let’s discuss the whole procedure in detail.

  • Launch your web browser and open Focusrite Website. Click on the Profile icon and create your Focusrite account.
  • After, creating your Focusrite account successfully, Click on the Support tab, and from there Select the Register a Product option.
  • Now you have to Click on the Register New Product button.
  • Select the details from the drop-down option and then enter the product serial number, once all the information is typed correctly, then Click on the Set Serial Number button.
  • Once the product is verified, you will be redirected to your product details page, there Click on the My Software Tab.
  • You will be redirected to Splice Sounds, Where you can redeem your Splice Sounds Free Trial.
  • You”ll be now able to see your Splice Sounds one-time promo code. Just copy the redemption code.
  • After getting the Splice Sounds promo code from the Focusrite website, Next we have to signup for Splice Sounds.
  • You will be redirected to the account creation page, from there type your email address and password, and then click on the Continue button.
  • After creating your Splice Sounds account, You again have to click on the Try Free button.
  • And, from the packages you can see at the bottom of the screen Try Free, Click on that.
  • Now we are in the final stage, We just have to provide the payment details and make sure to enter the copied promo code, Click the Apply button, and once everything seems good, Click on the Continue to Checkout button.

After that, your Splice Sounds 3-month free trial will be activated, and you can enjoy creating your new sounds with the help of the Splice powerful tools. As a reminder, the above process also includes the explanation of Splice Sounds 14-day free trial.

NOTE: You can also use FL Studio and showcase your creativity, see how you can try FL Studio for free.

If you don’t have a promo code, then you can still continue without a promo code and get the advantage of Splice for 14 days of free access.

How to Cancel Splice Sounds Subscription?

If you do not want to continue the subscription to Splice Sounds, or just want to be on the safe side by terminating the Splice Sounds free trial before the trial period, then see the below-listed procedure to cancel Splice Free Trial:

  • Head towards the Splice website, and make sure to log in o your Splice Sounds account.
  • Next, Click on your Profile icon, and then Select the Billing option.
  • From there, Select the Cancel option near your currently active Splice Sounds plan.
  • Choose the reason behind canceling your Splice Sounds subscription, and click on the Continue button.
  • Now, you will be granted with Goodbye screen, From there you can either Pause or Cancel your Splice Sounds subscription.
  • The process for pause is the same as the cancel process.
  • We gonna cancel our free trial, se Click on the Cancel Subscription button.

After going through the entire process, your Splice Sounds subscription or Splice Sounds free trial will be terminated and you won’t be charged for the next subscription.

Final Worlds

So that’s it for now. Hope you like this article and find it interesting. If you have any type of queries related to this topic, feel free to ask in the comment section.


Can I cancel my Splice free trial at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your free trial of Splice whenever you’d like by following the instructions provided above.

Can I use Splice with my preferred digital audio workstation (DAW)?

Absolutely! Splice is compatible with the DAWs, allowing it to integrate seamlessly into your existing workflow.

How does the collaboration feature on Splice work?

With Splice’s collaboration tools, you can invite others to participate in your projects and receive real-time input, contributions, and changes.

Can I upgrade to a paid Splice subscription after the free trial?

Yes, you can choose to upgrade to a paid subscription if you decide that Splice is worth your time after using the free trial to access all of its features and content.

Why is the Splice free trial not working?

The Splice free trial might not be functioning as a result of a server error or a failed subscription payment. You can ask the Splice help desk for more information about that.

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