How to Download & Install SO Player on Firestick Device? (2024)

How to Get SO Player app on Firestick device

There are a lot of people around there who want to enjoy watching online videos using IPTV links. It’s a popular way to watch their favorite content on Firestick devices. There are a lot of unauthentic players to play IPTV but, it’s very challenging to find the right IPTV player to watch content and many people are confused about which IPTV Player is better.

The SO Player is the best IPTV Player among them. So, To watch all webcasting videos online the players are necessary.

Here, In this post, we will come to know about How to Download and install So player on Firestick Device. This method can be valid for multiple Firestick devices, including Firestick 4K, Firestick Lite, and Fire TV cube as well.

What is SO Player?

SO Player is helpful in watching streaming content on all Firestick devices. Unlike other IPTV services, SO Player does not stream any content itself, it’s just a media player that can stream IPTV content on Firestick devices.

Is SO Player available on the Amazon App Store / Fire TV Store?

Installing an application is very convenient and easy on Firestick. It is simply done in minutes. Simply search for the required app on the Amazon App Store aka Fire TV Store hit the download button and that’s it. But unfortunately SO Player is not available on the Amazon App Store aka Fire TV Store.

SO Player Subscription Price?

SO Player is a paid app and requires an active subscription to stream IPTV content. Here is the complete list of all the subscriptions for SO Player app:

SO Player SubscriptionPrice
1 Month Service$25
3 Month Service$70
6 Month Service$140

How to Get So Player on Firestick?

So the solution is to use the Downloader app to sideload apps on Firestick. This not be the only method to sideload apps on Firestick, there are numerous ways to sideload apps on Firestick devices, which we’ll discuss later in this article.

For now, let’s focus on sideloading the apps using the Downloader app. Follow the guidelines to sideload SO Player on Firestick: To sideload SO Player on Firestick, we have to make some changes to the Firestick device settings. Follow these steps:

  • Turn on your Firestick device.
  • Once you are on your Firestick home, hover over the Search icon and Select the Search bar.
  • By using your Firestick remote, type Downloader app in the search bar.
  • Hit the Download button to install the Downloader app on your Firestick device.

Now we have successfully installed the Downloader app on our Firestick device before we continue the process, we have to configure some Firestick settings to move to the next step. Let’s see what are those settings and how to set them:

  • From your Firestick home screen, Hover over the Settings icon and Select the My Fire TV option from the options.
  • Select the About option.
  • Then continue tapping the Select button on the Fire TV Stick 4K option. Until you see the option “No need, you are already a developer“.
  • Go back and Select the Developer option.
  • In the developer option, you have to find Apps from Unknown source and ADB Debugging and Turn it ON.
  • A window with a warning symbol appears. Tap OK.

This makes your device ready for sideloading any application on Firestick. Let’s continue with the Downloading and installing So Player on Firestick.

Method 1: How to Download & Install SO Player on Firestick using Downloader App?

  • Open the search option from the home page.
  • Search the Downloader app from the Firestick home screen or you can also find the Downloader app by typing the Downloader keyword in the search bar.
  • When you first time open the Downloader app, the Downloader app asks you for file permission, simply select the Allow option. Also, click on the OK button to skip the Quick Start Guide.
  • At the home of the app, there is a box to type the URL. In this box type either of the following URL:


  • Tap on go after typing the URL.
  • The SO Player file on Firestick began to download.
  • A window with an install option appears after the completion of downloading. Select on Install.
  • The app begins to install and installation completes in a few minutes.
  • Click on Done.

The SO player app on Firestick now will be installed on your Firestick device and you can now stream your preferred content using SO Player. Before we tell you the process of setting up the SO Player on your Firestick, let’s see the second method of getting SO Player on your Firestick device.

Method 2: How to Download & Install So Player on Firestick using Es file Explorer?

So in order to install ES File Explorer on your Firestick device, you have to make some more changes to our Firestick device. Let’s see what changes are required to install and set up ES File Explorer on your Firestick device.

#1. Turn on your Firestick device and make sure it is connected to a stable internet connection.

#2. From the home of your Firestick device, Select the Settings tab.

#3. From your Firestick device settings, Select the Device option.

#4. Select the Developer options.

#5. In the developer option, Select the Apps from the Unknown Sources option and turn it ON.

#6. Select Turn On and Click on it.

#7. Next, select the ADB Debugging and turn it ON, just like we did for the above.

#8. Next, Go back to the Firestick Settings menu. And Select and click on Preferences from Firestick settings.

#9. Then Select Advertising ID and click on it.

#10. From there click on Intrest-Based Ads and Turn it OFF. [You may ask why to Turn off this option, this should be off for privacy reasons]

#11. Click on the Search option, on the Home Page.

#12. Search Es File Explorer and select the OK button.

#13. A complete list of Apps appears on the screen. Select Es File Explorer App.

#14. Select the Download option.

#15. The Downloading and Installation began on Firestick. Select Open, After the installation.

#16. Select and click on the Favourite option on the home page of the app.

#17. In Download Manager, Tap on the +Add tab.

#18. And this is the field, where you have to enter the SO Player App Download Link, In the Path field enter the URL, and in the Name field type any name. (e.g. SO_Player) Then select and click on the Add button.


#19. A window appears on the Screen that contains the So Player in the Name field and click on the Download option. After that, it will take some time to complete the download process, so be patient and wait for it.

#20. After downloading, Click on the Install button. So Player on Firestick starts installing. Once installation completes, click on Done.

And that’s it, you have successfully downloaded and installed So Player on Firestick by using Es File Explorer.

How to Setup So Player on Firestick/Fire TV?

Once the download and installation process has been finished, we have to set up the SO Player in order to use So Player on our Firestick device. Just follow these steps to configure the SO Player on your Firestick device.

#1. From the Firestick home, scroll horizontally left side, Select, and click on the Apps section.

You will have the list of all the installed apps on your Firestick device, from there seek the SO Player app and click on that to launch So Player.

In the Home Screen, you can find three options Pincode, Username/password, and refresh options. From these options select Pincode.

Now, Enter the Pincode and select the Submit option.

In the next interface, you have to enter the Provider ID that you got from the IPTV service provider. Then select the Next option. It will redirect you to the Home Page of So player.

Here, all the TV Shows, Movies, Live Channels, and much more are available from the IPTV service provider.

Issues & Solutions with So Player on Firestick!

The chances of getting stuck into some type of error while installing SO Player on a Firestick device are not high if you follow the procedure carefully. However, there are some instances when errors are born during installation.

Here are some of the common issues that you may face while doing the process:

1. App Crashes or Freezes

One of the most common issues is when the SO Player app crashes or freezes while streaming content. This can be frustrating while streaming, the most common fix for this is to flush the cache of the SO Player app on Firestick.

2. Playback Errors & Buffering

Not kidding I hate playback and buffering errors, these errors are the most frustrating issues, and don’t wanna lie I faced this issue a lot while streaming. Well, the common fix is that you should either use a VPN or connect to an alternative Wi-Fi network.

5. App Not Loading

If the SO Player app is not opening or is stuck in the loading position, try reinstalling the app from scratch or maybe updating the app.

SO Player Alternatives

No doubt SO Player is overall the best app for streaming IPTV content on Firestick devices. However, if you are searching for SO Player alternatives, here are some of the best hand-picked alternatives for SO Player:

  • IPTV Smarters
  • SmartOne IPTV
  • TiviMate IPTV Player
  • XCIPTV Player
  • Perfect Player for Firestick

Final Worlds

So that’s it for now. Hope you like this article and find it interesting. If you have any type of queries related to this topic, feel free to ask in the comment section.


How to Update SO Player app on Firestick?

As there is no SO Player app on the Amazon App Store / Fire TV Store, you have to manually download and install the SO Player app from third-party sites.

Can you record videos on SO Player?

Yes, you can record videos on SO Player to stream them later. For this purpose, SO Player has an in-built function to record videos offline.

Is SO Player available on other platforms rather than Firestick?

Yes, SO Player is also available on Android and iOS.

Which IPTV services work best with SO Player?

SO Player is compatible with all IPTV services and works best with almost all IPTV services out there.

How can I get SO Player on my Firestick device?

Officially there is no app available for Firestick devices, although some third-party allow you to download and install SO Player on your device.

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