How to Clear Apps Cache on Apple TV [All Generations]

How to Clear Apps Cache on Apple

Apple TV enables its users to install their preferred apps on Apple Smart TV with ease. But, installing as the number of apps increases, the amount of space they use also increases. What eats more space than the installed apps themselves are their stored caches.

So what are these apps’ cache? What’s the purpose of them? Does the app Release its Caches Automatically? and most importantly How can we clear apps cache on Apple TV? All the answers to these general queries will be answered in this post, so be sure to stick to the end.

What are Apps Cahce?

Caches in a simple manner are software code files that an app requests from the server when the users start using the app. Modern apps can be very complicated and the more complicated the apps are the more coding they require and more coding files mean a bigger app size.

How Can You Clear Apps Cache on Apple TV?

Likewise other operating systems, Apple TV apps also store caches. To clear those caches, we gathered some proven methods to flush caches on Apple TV devices of all generations. Well, let’s take a look at those methods individually. These methods work great on all types of Apple TV versions.

Method #1. Clear Individual Apps Caches on Apple TV

In this method, if you are having an issue with a certain selected app, then this method works like a charm. You just have to delete the app on your Apple TV device to flush all the caches in that app.

1.1 Uninstall Apps on Apple TV

Here is the procedure to clear caches of individual apps on Apple TV: :

  • Using your Apple TV remote Click on the back button.
  • Hover over to Settings and Open Apple TV settings.
  • Afterward, Select the General option.
  • From General settings, Select the Manage Storage option.
  • Now scroll through the entire list of installed apps and Select the app, which is creating the issue, want to clear the cache.
  • To clear the Cahces of that specific app Click on the Trash icon next to the app icon, this will uninstall the app and clear the app caches as well.

After that, your issue with that app will be resolved and you can also free up space on your Apple TV by clearing the cache of unused apps on your device.

1.2 Delete Apps on Apple TV

Alternatively, you can bypass the above procedure by using the below-listed method, the process is the same, but the execution process is different. So let’s see the alternative procedure of cleaning the cache of individual apps on an Apple TV device:

  • First of all, Click the back button on your Apple TV remote.
  • Hover Over the App you want to clear the cache.
  • And, at that moment, Just hold down the Select button for a few seconds until it starts shaking.
  • Now press the Play/Pause button for more options.
  • After that an Option screen will appear, giving us a list of options.
  • From there Click on the Delete button to Uninstall the app to clear the app cache.
  • Again press the Delete option to confirm the deletion. And after that, your app will be deleted along with its caches.

If you thinking of your data saved on a specific app, then don’t worry at all, your data is completely safe and saved in your account. Once you have deleted the app from your Apple TV, you can reinstall it from the Apple TV app store.

1.3 Close Apps on Apple TV

Like iPhone, Apple TV apps also have the tendency to run apps in the background. This may be the reason, the app continues to store caches while running in the background. And, the simple solution is to close that app.

Below we have listed the steps to close out of the apps on Apple TV. Let’s suppose, we have this Twitch application, in this case, opened, and we have to close this out from the background.

  • Double-click on the TV logo on your Apple TV remote.
  • That’s gonna bring us to this page, where we can see all the running apps in the background.
  • Now, go to the one, which you’d like to close. Swipe up on your Apple TV remote, and that will get rid of that particular app.

Right after closing the app, it is recommended that you restart your Apple TV. It is compulsory, but yes it still works like a charm.

Method #2. Bulk Clear Apps Cache on Apple TV

If you want to clear the cache of the entire apps installed on your Apple TV, this method is for you. The only downside is that you might have to be ready to lose some of your important data.

For this method you have to reset your Apple TV, currently, there are two reset methods discussed, the first one is Soft Reset, while the second one is Factory Reset. They both have their own particular advantages and downsides of using them.

2.1 Soft Reset Apple TV

The soft reset keeps you on the safe side, this process only clears the existing caches of the apps, without touching your important data. The process is pretty straightforward to execute.

  • Turn off your Apple TV.
  • Make sure to plug off the Apple TV, from the power socket.
  • Leave the Apple TV plugged off for 5-10 minutes and start the Apple TV.

2.2 Factory Reset Apple TV

Factory reset is the last hope for you, to get yourself out of this sticky situation. You may already be familiar with the term, Factory Reset will reset your entire device settings, data, installed apps everything stored in its storage except operating system files.

This process is irreversible, so make sure to back up your data before executing this process. Also, you have to set up your settings from scratch after this process is complete. Here is the procedure to factory reset Apple TV:

  • Use your Apple TV remote and Click on the back button to open the apps menu.
  • Hover over to the Settings app and Open the Apple TV settings.
  • After that, Select the System option.
  • And, at the very bottom, you got the option Reset. Just Select the Reset option.
  • After clicking on the Reset option, you get a couple of further things. The options are Reset, Reset, Update, and finally, Cancel. Simply select the Reset and Update option.

NOTE: The “Reset and Update” option will make sure that your data is deleted and that you are running the latest version of the Apple TV operating system.

  • Again confirm the selection by selecting the Reset and Update option.
  • Make sure not to turn off your Apple TV during the update process. If you see this screen after selecting the option, then you are on the right way.

Just wait for the TV to complete the process, and after that, a setup screen will appear just continue to set up your Apple TV and after that, you are good to go.

And that’s how you can fully reset the Apple TV to its default settings. Now you have a fresh start, just install the necessary apps and continue using your Apple TV.

What’s the Purpose of Cahces in Apps?

So, you may be thinking of what the purpose of storing caches in apps is. Well, in order to decrease the size of the app, developers came up with an impressive idea, known as Apps caches. This cache system drastically decreased the load on the operating system.

Think of it, you are searching for an app on the App Store, and you finally decide to install 2 games on your device. The 1st app size is 25 MB, while the 2nd app size is 300MB, the purpose of both apps are same, clearly if you are on mobile data, you will definitely go with the 25-size app.

Why Clear Apps Cache on Apple TV?

Yes, the app automatically released the old caches from time to time. But, sometimes the app glitches and stops flushing its caches, which causes the app might stop working, suddenly apps crash, or even worse the app to carry on storing the data and eat up storage in your operating system.

In that case, we have to manually clear out the caches of the app, Clearing apps caches manually not only frees up space but also soft resets the apps to their default state.

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Final Worlds

If your Apple TV app is still not working properly, make sure to update your Smart TV, and try connecting to other wifi networks.

So that’s it for now. Hope you like this article and find it interesting. If you have any type of queries related to this topic, feel free to ask in the comment section.


Will clearing the cache of the app delete my app data on Apple TV?

No, clearing the app cache on Apple TV will only remove temporary files and data. Your app data, login information, and saved content, will remain unaffected.

Do I need to clear the app cache for all installed apps on my Apple TV?

It is not necessary to clear the app cache for all the installed apps on your Apple TV. You can clear the cache for specific apps that are causing issues or using a large amount of storage space.

How often should I clear the app cache on my Apple TV?

Well, there is no recommended time for Clearing the app cache, but once every few months is generally sufficient.

Can I clear the app cache on my Apple TV while running the app in the background?

No, it is not recommended to clear the cache of the app while the app is running in the background, first close the app from the background and then clear the app caches on Apple TV.

Do I need to restart my Apple TV after clearing the app’s cache?

It is not necessary to restart your Apple TV after clearing the app’s cache. However, it is recommended that you give your Apple TV a fresh restart after clearing out the app’s caches.

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