How to Turn on Toshiba TV Without a Remote? [4 Effective Methods]

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Turn on Toshiba TV Without a Remote [4 Effective Methods]

If you want to see your desired streaming show on your Toshiba TV, and you have bad luck finding your TV remote. Then, in these types of emergency situations, you should definitely learn these alternative methods to turn on Toshiba TV without a remote.

Toshiba TV is meant to be controlled by its own specific remote. But, similarly, you can use some clever tips to control your TV without having a remote. Like, you can install remote apps on your smartphone and use your smartphone as a remote to control your TV.

Many, more different ways to turn on your TV are discussed in this article. So let’s get started and dig deep dive into it.

How to Turn on Toshiba TV Without a Remote

Just follow these steps to turn on your Toshiba TV without a remote.

  • First, of all find out the Power Button on your Toshiba TV. Most TV has this button in front of the screen.
  • If you haven’t been able to locate that button, you can search in the Manual that comes with your TV.
  • Once you find the power button, press the button with your finger, and don’t hold down the power button, just press it only one time.

After pressing the power button the Toshiba TV turns on its own, without any need for a remote. But, this process has its own downside, you cannot be able to change the channel or open your desired streaming app.

In case, if you want to switch the channels and want to open any desired app on your Toshiba TV, without having a remote. You can do that, by using your smartphone. So let’s see in detail.

Use Your Smartphone as a TV Remote

In case you did not know, some smartphones come with remote functionality. Most Xiaomi smartphone comes with the Mi Remote app pre-installed on their OS.

As the name explains itself, you can use this app to control Toshiba TV, actually not only Toshiba TV, but it also has its own big list of smart remotely controlled devices such as ovens, Smart TVs, AC, and more.

If you have a Xiaomi smartphone, then follow the instructions listed below:

  1. Open the Mi Remote app on your Xiaomi Device. If you haven’t been able to find any Mi Remote name app, install it from Google PlayStore [].
Use Smartphone as Toshiba TV Remote – Fig.01
  1. Tap on the Add Remote button.
Use Smartphone as Toshiba TV Remote – Fig.02
  1. Next, select TV from the categories.
Use Smartphone as Toshiba TV Remote – Fig.03
  1. Now, from the list of TV brands, find Toshiba and tap on Toshiba or you can also use the search bar to search for Toshiba’s TV exact model,
Use Smartphone as Toshiba TV Remote – Fig.04
  1. Now, you have to make sure that your smartphone is pointing at the TV and tap on the Power button. If your Toshiba TV turns on, then tap on the Yes button.
Use Smartphone as Toshiba TV Remote – Fig.05
  1. Name, your Device and toggle on the Add Shortcut, to access it from the Mi Remote home screen.
Turn on Toshiba TV Without Remote
Use Smartphone as Toshiba TV Remote – Fig.06

If not, then Tap on the No button and tap the > icon to go for the next remote configuration. Scroll through all the available remote configurations, until you find a working remote for your TV.

If the above method does not work on your Toshiba TV, we recommend you update your Toshiba TV to the latest OS version available.

Use Remote Apps for Smartphones

Alternatively, you can also use third-party remote apps for smartphones, and use them as a remote to turn on your TV. The real problem, with these apps, is that most of them won’t work at all. So you have to wander around and find a compatible one, that works for your TV.

But, don’t worry we have tested out some apps and recommended you use these remote apps for smartphones.

1. AnyMote – Best Remote app for Toshiba Android TV

AnyMote stands out as one of the best apps for using a smartphone as a remote. It supports a big list of devices, including Toshiba. The app UI is beginner friendly and easy-to-access features make it the best choice for every type of user.

The free version contains most of the basic functions, if you want more functionality, you can go for AmyMote Pro, which costs you some bucks on monthly basics.

2. Remote for Toshiba TV – Best Compatible app for Toshiba TV

As the name suggests, this app is mainly built for Toshiba TV only. You can control different Toshiba TVs with this remote app. This app uses the Infrared system of your smartphone to control your TV. The functionality of the app is more like the actual Toshiba TV remote.

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Final Worlds

So that’s it for now. Hope you like this article and find it interesting. If you have any type of queries related to this topic, feel free to ask in the comment section.

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