How to Signup for ShowMax Free Trial for 14 Days?

New members are always welcomed, with a Showmax free trial. From which you can enjoy the platform for limited time for free.

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How to Get Showmax free trial

There are many on-demand entertainment services available on the internet but Showmax is a cool streaming service, where you can watch millions of stuff like movies, shows, and many more.

If you are a new member then subscribe to enjoy the Showmax free trial of 14 days. By which you can stream all of your favorite content without paying any money for 14 days.

Showmax Review

Showmax provides you with the facility to enjoy over 20,000 shows and movies on your smartphones and computers for just Sh880 for a whole month. You can watch Showmax content through their website and there is also an option of watching content by downloading their app.

How to Sign Up for Showmax Free Trial for 14 Days?

Showmax subscription provides a 14-day free trial for newcomers. Here are the complete steps to get your own Showmax free trial:

  1. Open any web browser on your phone or any device
  2. Open the Showmax’s official website []
  3. Tap on the Free Trial button to start the 14-day free trial.
  4. Now enter your Email and password to sign in to the account.
  5. After signing in, choose one of the available options for your Membership plan.
  6. Now, enter your credit card details and complete the purchase. All the payments are done through PayPal.
  7. Finally, you can enjoy the free trial for 14 days after signing in.

How to Get Showmax Free Trial Via DSTV?

If you’re a DStv Premium user, you also have access to add Showmax to your account at R99 for just

one monthly payment.

  1. Launch any web browser, open the DStv website, and sign in to your account.
  2. Tap on My Products.
  3. Now, choose the DStv Premium package.
  4. Click Add Showmax on the banner.
  5. Then, accept the conditions and activate your Showmax account.

How to Cancel Showmax Subscription or Free Trial?

During the free trial, if you don’t like the content and quality, you have access to cancel the free trial at any time before the ending date of the trial.

  • Open the Showmax website and Sign In to your account.
  • Open your profile.
  • Click on the My Account option in the drop-down box.
  • Click Manage Subscription on the My Account banner.
  • Now, click Cancel Subscription to cancel the free trial.

Showmax Subscription plan

Showmax subscription provides a facility to enjoy different movies. It also offers four different membership plans for users. Showmax is an African streaming service so you can use it inside African countries and some other countries outside.

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Final Words

Now after going through this guide, you will also be able to start your own Showmax free trial.

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