How to Create WhatsApp Call Link

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Create Whatsapp Call Link

There are many competitors of WhatsApp, but none of them can compete with the popularity, features, and design of WhatsApp. WhatsApp always keeps its UI updated to meet the expectations of its users and maintain its popularity.

WhatsApp recently updated its app, and in that update, WhatsApp added a new feature to Android & iPhone, Which lets you share WhatsApp Call Links among your friends and family members. Like other Video Calling Apps like Microsoft Teams, Skype, Telegram, Wechat, Signal..etc. WhatsApp also allows any user to join the Call, as soon as the other users have the video call link.

So that’s exactly what we’re gonna discuss in this article. We will cover How to Create WhatsApp Call links? & How to Share WhatsApp Call Link? So let’s get started.

Creating WhatsApp Video Links is not a hard task. In just a few seconds, you can easily make a WhatsApp link on the app. Just make sure to update WhatsApp on your phone before making a link. Just Follow the Steps to create WhatsApp Video Link:

  • Open the WhatsApp Application on your Android OR IOS.
  • Navigate to Calls Tab.
  • In the Calls Tab, On the very first beginning of the Calls Tab. You can clearly see Create Call Link. To Create Call Link, simply click on the Create Call Link.
  • Choose the Call type, Which should be a Video Call or Voice Call. (the call link change when you change the call type).
  • Once you have done selecting the call type. You can now share the call link.
create whatsapp call link
Create Whatsapp Call Link – Fig.01
  • WhatsApp allows users to Choose from the following 3 options to share the link of the call.
  • #1- Send Link Via WhatsApp: You can share call links with other WhatsApp users in your contact.
  • #2- Copy Link: You can copy the call link in your android OR IOS clipboard.
  • #3- Share Link: You can share the call link on other platforms like Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, and so on.
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