How to Get BeenVerified Free Trial in 1$ [7-Days]

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How to Get BeenVerified Free Trial in 1$

For those, who don’t know, BeenVerified is a platform, that is specifically known for checking someone’s background information such as Criminal records, Arrest Records, and other casualties. At first, it may seem suspicious, but they are doing it legally and they did not share this information for free.

You have to pay monthly, in order to access this information. If you searching for a BeenVerified free trial, then set this in mind, BeenVerified does not offer any Free Trial. Contrary to this, they can give users heavy discounts on initial subscriptions.

BeenVerified offers you to try their 1$ subscription for 7 days. So, let’s see how you can get a BeenVerified free trial for 1$ for 7 days. So let’s get started, and dig deep dive into it.

BeenVerified Free Trial in 1$

So just follow the procedure listed below:

  1. Open your preferred web browser and navigate to the BeenVerified website (
  2. Once you are on the BeenVerified website, click on the Sing Up button to get started.
beenverified free trial
BeenVerified Free Trial in $1 – Fig.01
  1. Now, the main trick is to get the Special Offer banner, to get Special Banner Offer on the BeenVerified website, click on the Back tab arrow, which will simply open the previous URL.
beenverified free trial
BeenVerified Free Trial in $1 – Fig.02
  1. As soon you clicked on the back arrow, the Special Offer Banner will pop up. Click on the green button on that offer labeled as Try BeenVerified for $1!
beenverified free trial
BeenVerified Free Trial in $1 – Fig.03
  1. Right after clicking on the button, you will be redirected to the BeenVerified 7-Day Free Trial membership plan.
  1. After that click on View Results to proceed to the payment portal. You have a credit card as a payment method, and alternatively, the PayPal method is also provided.
beenverified free trial
BeenVerified Free Trial in $1 – Fig.04
  1. Once the payment is done, BeenVerified will ask you about your phone number along with your password. SO fill out these fields carefully. After double-checking the information, click on Create Password button.

After that, you can access the BeenVerified premium account. After that, you have access to their information.

How to Cancel BeenVerified Free Trial or Subscription

If you are done with BeenVerified and want to cancel your BeenVerfied free trial, then you have to send an email request to BeenVerified to cancel your BeenVerified subscription. Because there is no direct option to cancel your BeenVerified subscription.

Now maybe, you were thinking, why not use your smartphone to buy this subscription? So you can cancel directly using Google Play Store and on App Store. But, this is not possible, Why Because BeenVerified does not allow you to subscribe to their services using the Google Play store or App Store.

So follow the procedure listed below, if you want to know the procedure for canceling a BeenVerified subscription:

Cancel BeenVerified Subscription on the Website

So this process is the most reliable and straightforward method for canceling a BeenVerified subscription. You just have to log in to your BeenVerified account.

  1. Open the BeenVerified website contact page (
  2. Select the Topic from the drop-down as Cancel Account.
  3. Enter the required information, such as Email, ID, Phone number, and other related information.
  4. When it comes to the Message section, you have to write a reason for canceling your BeenVerified account and request for canceling your account. (Copy the below text and paste it into the BeenVerified message box)
I'm leaving this platform, I don't need it anymore, Please cancel my BeenVerified account. Thanks...
  1. After that, it will take some time around 2 to 3 working days.
beenverified free trial
BeenVerified Free Trial in $1 – Fig.05

So if you want to confirm or check whether your BeenVerfied subscription is terminated or not. Just check your email for the BeenVerified confirmation message. If you received a message from BeenVerfied related to a subscription, congratulations, your BeenVerified account is successfully terminated, and vice versa.

Cancel BeenVerified Subscription by using Email

If you are searching for an alternative method for sending a request to BeenVerified for canceling your account. You can do so by sending the same details as discussed in the above method to their contact support email (

Cancel BeenVerified Subscription by using the Phone number

You can also use their phone number to cancel your BeenVerified subscription. Just dial 1-888-579-5910, which is currently the BeenVerified customer service number.

BeenVerified Alternatives

Final Worlds

So that’s it for now. Hope you like this article and find it interesting. If you have any type of queries related to this topic, feel free to ask in the comment section.

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