12 Best Lightweight Browsers in 2024

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Best Lightweight Browsers

When you use heavy web browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox, you can quickly lose a lot of system memory and battery life. And these are the browsers that people probably use the most. These are used widely all over the world. Their market share shows, of course, how well-liked they are among users. The biggest problem with these browsers is that they use a lot of RAM.

Some users think that these are the only browser they can use, and they think these browsers are secure and fast. Like Google Chrome, many users use google chrome and talk about chrome speed and memory management. Do you know that chrome is also known as a memory eater? Even Microsoft Edge is an efficient and good option contrary to Google Chrome.

However many users don’t like to use Microsoft Edge. But there are a lot of other web browsers on the Internet. Each one has its own features and functions. Lightweight browsers are one type of this group.

If your Windows PC doesn’t have a lot of power, the best way to surf the web is with a lightweight browser. These lightweight browsers don’t use too much RAM on your PC. So let’s take a look at the best lightweight answers that we picked for you.

List of Best Lightweight Browsers

We’ve put together the Best list of the best lightweight browsers you might want to try. You’ll find out what makes these browsers good and what makes them bad.

1. Torch – Fastest Browser for PC

Best Lightweight Browsers

Torch is used by many people because it has all the important features that make it the best lightweight browser for browsing the web. This customized browser is based on Chrome’s rendering engine and has a lot of features that make it easy to manage and play different types of media.

Some users will like the built-in download option. Torch browser has a button for downloading YouTube videos, torrents, music, and other content on social media websites. So, if you want to download your favorite music video or a file from a torrent, or website, you don’t really need to install anything else, then Torch is the best option for you.

The interface looks a bit like Google Chrome, and there is a Torch Button, as mentioned earlier, that lets you do things like download media files, listen to music, and use Torch Player to watch videos in HD.

The torch has a built-in service called Torch Music that lets you stream music from YouTube. This page makes it easy for you to find all of your favorite songs on YouTube in one place.

2. WaterFox – Simplest Web Browser

Best Lightweight Browsers

Waterfox is a light and open-source web browser based on Firefox that gives users a lot of control over how they surf the web. It works with both old and new add-ons for Firefox. It protects you from being tracked in every way possible. It also syncs with your regular Firefox account. It also gets security updates frequently.

3. Opera – Most Futuristic Web Browser

Best Lightweight Browsers

Opera is a great simple and lightweight web browser. offering a huge number of features and tools for customization. You can even add more features to Opera, by installing extensions without slowing down.

The browser doesn’t use too much of your computer’s CPU or RAM, which will make your computer run faster.

The ad blocker and tracker blocker that come with the browser remove ads and tracking scripts from web pages, which makes them load faster.
It has advanced features to protect your privacy, like a built-in VPN, which protects your privacy online.

4. Lynx – Best Lightweight browser for Linux

Best Lightweight Browsers

Lynx is a text-based browser that works on Linux, MAC, Windows, and more. It is one of the oldest browsers that has been made and used by people for more than 20 years. Lynx is still being used by some users who like Command Line Interface.

After you’ve learned how to use Lynx, you won’t have any trouble getting around. If you don’t need graphics and don’t mind working from a terminal window, Lynx is the best choice for you. The text-based browser doesn’t have any pictures, which makes it the lightest browser ever.

Even though Lynx doesn’t have tabs or cookies like other browsers, you can get extensions that let you whitelist or blacklist cookies from certain websites.

5. Vivaldi – Clean UI Browser

Best Lightweight Browsers

Vivaldi is a great lightweight browser when it comes to customization. But its beta products aren’t quite as it seems, they were adding some additional functions like a calendar, contacts, feed reader, and mail.

Even though Vivaldi is not a very well-known web browser, it has done something impressive in a short amount of time. It’s a great way for people who use Windows, Mac, or Linux to switch from their usual browser to a lightweight one.

Vivaldi basically makes you do anything right from the browser, with as little help from third parties as possible, all while keeping your data super safe and private.

Vivaldi is also not available on iOS. This is a big problem for Apple users who don’t want to use a different browser on each of their devices.

6. Midori – Best Lightweight browser for Laptop

Best Lightweight Browsers

The Midori browser for Windows is a lightweight browser. This browser has features that are pretty good, and it also uses fewer resources than some of the most popular browsers on the market right now.

Some of the most important things about Midori are that it supports HTML5, has bookmarks, supports RSS, has a spell checker, lets you browse the web anonymously, etc. It also comes with a few extra features, like the ability to browse with tabs, change privacy settings, font/display settings, and startup settings.

In terms of privacy settings, Midori’s default search engine is DuckDuckGo, which doesn’t collect or share information about its users.

The best thing about Midori is that it has a simple user interface that will appeal to people who like things to be as simple as possible. The browser is very simple, so you should be able to get used to it quickly. Its user interface is made up of a search bar and a bar for adding bookmarks.

7. SlimBrowser – Fast, Secure, and Powerful Web browser

Best Lightweight Browsers

SlimBrowser is a great lightweight browser that claims to have the fastest engine in the world. This fast browser lets you browse the web without ads and claims to make downloading files and videos 10 times faster than other browsers.

Its user interface contains multiple windows that can be changed to fit our needs. This lets us browse several websites at once.

SlimBrowser is a strong contender because it works well with virus scanners, lets you manage your passwords, and has ways to get rid of all the traces. This way, it can protect our privacy and hide content that we don’t want to see.

8. Maxthon – Blockchain Technology Browser

Best Lightweight Browsers

Maxthon Browser is another lightweight, secure browser that provides some features that you can’t even find in its biggest competitors. Maxthon Cloud is the best choice if you want to browse the Internet faster than ever and without having to deal with annoying pop-up ads.

It has a built-in ad blocker, a tool for taking screenshots, Night mode, Reader mode, an RSS feed reader, a notepad, and many other features. It even comes with a password manager for more than one account called Magic Fill. Maxthon is also great because it syncs data between devices using its own cloud services.

When it comes to keeping user data safe, this lightweight browser offers high-performance cloud backup, synchronization, and sharing, as well as advanced encryption.

Maxthon can be used on Windows, Android, and iOS right now. It has been there for a very long time, which means it has learned a lot over the years.

9. SeaMonkey – Best Open Source Web Browser

Best Lightweight Browsers

SeaMonkey is one of the best open-source and lightweight browsers you can choose from. It is especially popular among developers. SeaMonkey has been around for more than 10 years loved by many users.

This is probably one of the most flexible browsers you can find because it can do a lot more than just browse the web. It has a built-in email client, contact book, chat room, and tools for editing web pages. This makes it the best choice for advanced users who want to advance their browsing experience without wasting system resources.

SeaMonkey has some features that you would expect to find in any web browser, but it also has some extra features. It has a password manager, the ability to talk to the computer, toolbars that can be changed, and the ability to restore sessions.

Since this is an open-source browser, anyone who knows a little bit about coding can work on it and add features according to their needs.

Because of this, SeaMonkey doesn’t seem to be the most stable and reliable browser out there, as users may sometimes run into performance problems. But still, it is considered the best advanced lightweight browser.

10. Lunascape – Lightweight Web browser with features

Best Lightweight Browsers

If you want a lightweight browser that has the best features of all the popular ones, you don’t have to look any further than Lunascape. Lunascape Orion is all about having Trident (Internet Explorer), Gecko (Firefox), and WebKit (Safari and what used to be Chrome) all in one browser.

It is known for being faster, and it comes with a lot of built-in features to make browsing easier. It’s a multi-engine browser, so you can use the Trident engine from Internet Explorer, the Webkit engine from Google Chrome, and the Gecko engine from Firefox all in one place.
On some computers, the browser seems to work very slowly, and that seems to be its main problem.

Lunascape Orion has all the features of a normal browser, plus the ability to switch between three different engines. It lets you save bookmarks, look for URLs, and even read RSS feeds.

11. Avant – Beginners Friendly Web Browser

Best Lightweight Browsers

Avant’s browser’s interface is almost so easy to use that you might not want to try another lightweight browser for a while. Its easy-to-use interface gives your browsing a new level of clarity and efficiency, and regular updates have steadily made it more reliable.

It’s important to note that this browser uses only a small amount of system resources and doesn’t get in the way of our work. At the same time, it gives us some interesting security features that let us block all kinds of malware or other content we don’t want.

12. Comodo – Best Security-Based Web Browser

Best Lightweight Browsers

Comodo IceDragon is one of the most lightweight browsers for you. It has a lot of advanced features and a fast browsing speed. The browser has advanced features like Mozilla Firefox and strong security features to keep all your data safe.

Comodo keeps you safe from viruses while you browse, and it has DNS servers built in so that it can turn URLs into IP addresses. So, your results are faster and safer than ordinary browsers.

More importantly, this browser has a virtual container. This means that it doesn’t interact with your system, so there is no chance that malicious software could infect your computer without your knowledge.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the lightest browser in 2023?

According to our test, we can confidently say that these browsers are the lightest browsers in 2023.
1. Torch Browser
2. WaterFox Browser
3. Comodo Browser
4. Opera Browser
5. Vivaldi Browser
Opera comes in first as the browser that consumes the least amount of computer RAM. System resources can be significantly reduced by using Opera as a default browser.

Which Is The Lightest And Fastest Browser?

If you ask us, we’d tell you to use Vivaldi because it’s one of the fastest and lightest browsers ever. It even claims to give its users the best security while surfing the Internet.

Which Is The Best Lightweight Web Browser For Windows 10?

When it comes to Windows desktop browsers, Torch is among the lightest ones. It makes it easy for users to get around.

Which Browser Uses Least Memory?

Chrome uses a lot of rams compared to the other browsers on this list, which are all very light. Also, as more extensions are added, the browser gets heavier.

Is the Midori browser any good?

Yes, Midori is a safe and secure lightweight web browser for Windows. It’s a good choice because it doesn’t share information about its users with advertisers.

Which is the lightest Internet browser?

There is a variety of lightweight internet browsers available for different platforms. You can select according to your needs, and save your storage space on the device.

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