8 Best Browser Extensions for Productivity

These browser extensions for productivity will boost your productivity to maximum peak value. Try out these browser extensions for a rapid change in life

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Best Browser Extensions for Productivity

What, if I told you some amazingly useful extensions, that will completely change your internet life? That will make your browsing experience even better. A couple of extensions that can double your work speed and give your browsing experience a facelift.

We use browsers daily. They play a vital role in our computer system. This article is a wealth of resources that you can use right away to make your web surfing more enjoyable.

Browser Extensions for Productivity

Yes, that is exactly what I am going to tell you in this article. So today, we will provide you with the Best List of extensions that will change your way of productivity. So let’s get right into it.

1. The Great Suspender – Extension to Speed up Browser

As you are already familiar with the issue of today’s web browsers. Web browsers utilize so many system resources. As new and new tabs are opened, the low-end PC has no chance to take a rest. This makes the system run slowly and sometimes hang up for a minute.

So you might be wondering if there is any solution to minimize the web browser’s memory-eating habit. Yes, you can use an extension that is mainly built for this purpose named “The Great Suspender“, well the name is very filmy, but as the name suggests it suspends tabs that you are not using and saves your system resources.

Best Browser Extensions for Productivity
Best Browser Extensions for Productivity – Fig.01
  • Open-source extension
  • Speed up the browser by eliminating unused tabs
  • Easy to use

2. Magical – Text Expander – Save Text in Browser

Well, you might be stuck in a situation, where you want to respond to a person quickly. If your typing speed is not fast. This might be a big problem for you. It’s 2022 and not everyone has spare time to spend on the computer screen waiting for a response.

So, here the “Magical – Text Expander” comes into play. Basically, this extension provides you the ability to save text shortcuts on web browsers, which will come in handy when you are writing an email, response,…etc. Not only text phrases, but even links, and words.

Best Browser Extensions for Productivity
Best Browser Extensions for Productivity – Fig.02
  • Simple and powerful productivity app
  • Automate writing tasks, speed up messaging, data entry, etc.

3. Enhancer for Youtube – Browser Extension for Youtube

We use YouTube every day. Let’s be honest, we love YouTube, there is no doubt about it. But personally, In recent months I have experienced some issues with a lot of YouTube videos. The issue is the video sound is very low, I barely understand what is being explained.

And this is an issue with the video itself, I used headphones, and that works perfectly fine. So in this case, you can use a free and rich feature extension called “Enhancer for YouTube“. And trust me you really gonna love this extension, after I’ll explain some of its game-changing features. First, let’s talk about its features:

  • Volume Booster (My Personal Favourite)
  • Remove Ads
  • In-Built Video Filters
  • You can flip video vertically or horizontally
  • Take a screenshot of the video
  • Add your own Keyboard Shortcuts

And, the list does not end here, there are many more tons of handy features. I listed only the most useful in this list. So you really love this extension.

Best Browser Extensions for Productivity
Best Browser Extensions for Productivity – Fig.03
  • Built-in solid features
  • Boost your streaming experience with this extension

4. Loom – Browser Extension for Recording video

It is an online screen recorder that can be used to record video easily. You only need one click to record both your computer screen. In addition to that, you can easily share the video that you have recorded with just one click.

Loom is a simple and straightforward method for recording and sharing content with your close circle of friends.

Best Browser Extensions for Productivity
Best Browser Extensions for Productivity – Fig.04
  • Copy and highlight text in images right on the image
  • Automatically extract text from images

5. Project Naptha – Browser Extension for Highlighting text

The Project Naptha extension lets you copy and highlight the text from any image on the web. In simple words, it’s an OCR software that automatically converts images into text format. And enable users to directly copy the text, rather than using software or AI website tools to do this work.

Best Browser Extensions for Productivity
Best Browser Extensions for Productivity – Fig.05
  • Recorder screen without any restriction
  • Solid Sharing Features

6. Noisli – Browser Extension for listening to Music

Many people find that listening to music helps them study or work better. There are many good things about music, such as:

  • better mood, more motivation, and better focus
  • better memory and brain exercise
  • better ways to deal with pain and tiredness

So having good music can really boost your brain. So here this extension comes into play. This extension boosts your brain by playing light background music. The good this is that it has a big list of music to choose

Best Browser Extensions for Productivity
Best Browser Extensions for Productivity – Fig.06
  • Helps you to stay focused on work by playing background sounds
  • Reduce stress, and help you relax after a stressful day

7. URL Render – Browser Extension for Quick Search

This extension makes your web surfing more amazing. You can look at website content without opening them in new tabs. From the search engine results themselves.

With Url render for web browsers, you can search on a search engine more quickly and efficiently to find the information you need. Along with blogs, you can use the news tab to look at news sites, listen to music from YouTube, or Spotify, or watch a live stream on YouTube. Everything you can search for can be shown and accessed just like if you were using tabs.

Url render is an extension that was made to help everyone have a better search engine experience. The Url render extension can be used with Google, Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo, and Qwant.

Best Browser Extensions for Productivity
Best Browser Extensions for Productivity – Fig.07
  • Browse the content of any website right on the search result page
  • Increase productivity and time.

8. uBlock Origin – Browser Extension to Block Ads

Many of you heard of many Adblock extensions before. But this extension has some features that make it different from other adblockers.

Just clicking on, the power button icon, you can instantly disable or enable ads for the entire site. But if you click, while pressing CTRL+Power Button Click, you disable ads on that specific webpage.

Something that is very amazing is that, when you click on the lightning bolt icon, you can delete any part of the website temporarily. For example, if you did not like an ad, banner, promotion kinds of stuff, etc. But if you click on the eye-dropper icon, it will perform the same function, but this time it will permanently delete the part of the website, or webpage.

You can undo that deletion by going into the extension setting. Go to My Filters and delete the piece of code.

Best Browser Extensions for Productivity
Best Browser Extensions for Productivity – Fig.08
  • Easily block ads, and content on a webpage.
  • Block online Malicious URL

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Final Words

So that’s it. Web browsers Extensions are very useful, they serve us in many ways. They save our time, our effort and increase our productivity. The list does not end here. It keeps going as we test out new amazing extensions.

One question that may be wandering in your head. All these extensions are for all web browsers. You can use these extensions on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera Browser, and many other browsers. So it does not matter which browser you are using. You can use all of these extensions on every browser.

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