12 Best Antivirus Apps for iOS Devices

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Best Antivirus Apps for iOS

Most of you are still confused, Did IOS devices need an Antivirus app? The answer is yes, indeed they need an Antivirus to tackle malware. Yes, it’s true IOS devices come with security features, that are way much better than Android.

But, it doesn’t mean they are fully immune, especially when we are talking about malware, which is getting more and more dangerous every day. So it becomes crucial to use third-party antivirus apps for IOS devices to make them more secure.

In this article, we will provide you with some best list of antivirus apps for IOS devices. These apps are tested and highly recommended if you take your security seriously. So let’s dig deep dive into it.

List of Best Antivirus Apps for IOS Devices

Here are some of the best antivirus apps for your IOS device.

1. Mobile Security – Best Security and Backup app for IOS

Best Antivirus Apps for iOS
Best Antivirus Apps for iOS – Fig.01


  • Available on iPad, iPhone & Apple Watch
  • Cloud storage for Data Backup
  • Password Manager, Anti-Theft and many more features


  • The main security dashboard didn’t display enough information.

Pricing: Almost Free (Paid plan starts at $2.99/month)

Mobile Security is a great choice for especially IOS users. It has built-in Backup features. Anti Theft is the main highlight of the Mobile Security app. This app uses default IOS algorithms to detect, the plugin state of the IOS device.

With the help of this app, you can also locate your IOS device if it’s lost or has been stolen. Speaking of backup functionality, its dedicated cloud storage allows you to back up and restore your important files, such as contacts, messages gallery images, videos ..etc.

Additionally, it also provides some other simple yet powerful features such as; Spam Call Detection and Password Manager to store important login credentials.

2. Lookout – Best Security app for IOS

Best Antivirus Apps for iOS
Best Antivirus Apps for iOS – Fig.02


  • Protect from the Malicious Website (Safe Browsing)
  • Data Breach & Leak Report
  • Wifi Security Report
  • Solid System Advisor and Anti-Theft Protection


  • Limited Features in Free Version

Pricing: Free (Paid plan starts at $3.99/month)

Currently, lookout is considered an industry-standard security app for IOS devices. Lookout security automatically deletes online trackers and stops access to unsecured websites automatically. It will take care of online privacy automatically, and secure your network traffic.

It will also protect you from phishing attacks, making you less vulnerable to online attacks. Panda Security has a special feature called System Advisor, which will inform you whenever there are any security vulnerabilities in your IOS device.

3. LogDog – Best Privacy app for IOS

Best Antivirus Apps for iOS
Best Antivirus Apps for iOS – Fig.03


  • Powerfull & Advanced Security Features
  • Modern UI
  • Cloud Integration
  • Best Online Privacy Features


  • Slow response to Support

Pricing: Free (Paid plan starts at $1.99/month)

LogDog is a bit different from the rest of the antivirus among this list. LogDog is specially built for securing your online privacy. It protects you from hacker attacks and links all of your email accounts saved passwords, and other related personal data.

The company is so serious about its security, that it claims its own cloud server, where your data is stored is not able to view your data.

4. TotalAV – Modern & Advanced Security app for IOS

Best Antivirus Apps for iOS
Best Antivirus Apps for iOS – Fig.04


  • Free version contains almost all the features
  • Many tools to optimize your IOS tool
  • Great protection against malicious websites
  • Great system protection and online protection


  • Can support maximum 6 devices in one subscription
  • Safe search sometimes give false alerts

Pricing: Free (Paid plan starts at $119.99/year)

TotalAV mainly focuses on protecting your online privacy. It uses advanced & modern VPN services, AntiFraus, AnthThieft, Web Shield, Website data filtering, and other additional security features to protect your IOS devices. To make things more interesting, it uses a data leak reporter, which consistently reports about your data leakage around the internet.

Additionally, it also gives users the option to scan their Wi-Fi network for security breaches. And like other apps on this list, TotalAV also informs via notifications, whenever there are security issues on your IOS device.

5. Clario – All-in-one Security app for IOS

Best Antivirus Apps for iOS
Best Antivirus Apps for iOS – Fig.05


  • Availiable on iPhone, iPad, and macOS
  • Simple and Clean UI
  • The Basic Plan includes free VPN
  • Excellent Chat Support


  • Limited Functionality

Pricing: Free (Paid plan starts at $5.75/month)

Clario is All-in-One security for your IOS devices. Clario can be installed on both iPhone and macOS, which further enhances functionality. Its UI is clean and simple to use especially for beginner users. New users don’t have to look thoroughly to disable and enable particular features according to their taste.

Like earlier apps on this list, Calrio also has a data breach monitor, Wi-Fi security tester, and malicious app scanner. One of the special features that differentiate Calrio from other apps, is its Ad Blocker. Which lets you disable most of the ads on your IOS devices.

Calrio app is free most of the time, but for additional features, you do have to pay for a paid plan. The more devices you add to your subscription, you need to pay for an additional user. Last but not least, the Clarion data breach is more sensitive than other apps on this list.

6. Kaspersky Security – Best app for Managing Passwords on IOS

Best Antivirus Apps for iOS
Best Antivirus Apps for iOS – Fig.06


  • Great Password Manager tool
  • Great Online and Anti-Theft Security
  • Also included Parental Control
  • Simple and Clean UI
  • Great Online Website Protection
  • Also included Free VPN


  • VPN has a daily limit of 300MB/per day
  • Limited Functionality on macOS

Pricing: Free (Paid plan starts at $29.99/month)

Kaspersky is not a new brand in security apps. Maybe you’ve heard of this brand name before. Its security software for Windows is considered the best.

The common features include security features, a data breach checkers, but the unique feature of Kaspersky is its password manager tool. Which allows users to store important & sensitive credentials, passwords, emails, and credit card numbers in it, and access them whenever they want it.

Its ani threat feature automatically detects malware and makes an automatic decision based on the type of malware the device has been compromised. The basic security features require no fee, but other features like VPN require a premium plan.

7. Avira Mobile Security – Best app for Blocking Spam Calls on IOS

Best Antivirus Apps for iOS
Best Antivirus Apps for iOS – Fig.07


  • Advanced scanning engine for protection.
  • Highly effective against viruses and online privacy
  • Lightweigght and Clean UI
  • Runs in background and doesn’t interrupt user from work


  • Free version does’nt include malicious website protection
  • Customer service is not good

Pricing: Free (Paid plan starts at $4.99/month)

Avira is another popular app on this list. Both Kaspersky and Avira share almost the same features. Both use powerful algorithms to detect malware and execute counter-offensive attacks.

But, the one feature that makes Avira different from Kaspersky is its Spam call blocker features. Well, the name suggests these features automatically block unwanted and spammy calls. The additional features include Wifi Traffic Encryption, a Password manager tool, and a network scanner.

Avira rapidly takes action against malicious apps and untrusted websites and blocks the connection on the way, before it damages your IOS device. Besides that, it also offers backup capabilities for users, so that they can back up their important files on a cloud server.

Speaking of price, most of the features of Avira are free, but as always the additional features require a premium plan to work.

8. Avast Securit & Privacy – Solid security app for IOS

Best Antivirus Apps for iOS
Best Antivirus Apps for iOS – Fig.08


  • The lightweight app never experience lags
  • Password manager tool is quite intresting
  • Find & Remove virus within no time


  • Very Expensive

Pricing: Free (Paid plan starts at $4.99/month)

Avast always keeps its promise and delivers solid security features to its users. That’s why Avast maintains a good reputation among its users. Despite having solid anti-malware and anti-theft security features avast is lightweight and doesn’t eat up much of your IOS device resources.

The UI is straightforward to use, and the features are labeled well, with proper instructions and use cases. Other features that come built-in with Avast security are VPN, identity protection, and much more to explore.

9. Bitdefender Mobile Security – Best antivirus app with Virtual Assistant Recommendations for IOS

Best Antivirus Apps for iOS
Best Antivirus Apps for iOS – Fig.09


  • Powerfull Virus & Malware Scanner
  • Secure Bitdefender Web Browser for Web Browsing
  • Basic Plan includes free VPN
  • Tons of tools for Optimization


  • Does not provide the ability to customize notifications
  • Limited Free VPN

Pricing: Free Trial 90 Days(Paid plan starts at $39.99/year)

Bitdefender uses Virtual Assistant, which recommends the best practices to stay protected from threats. Like other apps on this list, Bitdefender also provides the same security features, Like VPN, data breach scan, and anti-theft scan.

Bitdefender also protects you from online threats, by displaying a red alert next to a malicious webpage or website. Most of its features come in a premium plan. But it offers 90 days, a free trial which is enough for you to try Bitdefender security features and how they work. Once you’re confident with Bitdefender you can pay for a premium subscription.

10. AVG Mobile Security – Avast security app Alternative for IOS

Best Antivirus Apps for iOS
Best Antivirus Apps for iOS – Fig.10


  • Have an app on iPhone, iPad, and macOS
  • Simple and Clean UI
  • The Basic Plan includes free VPN
  • Excellent Chat Support


  • Limited Functionality

Pricing: Free (Paid plan starts at $5.75/month)

AVG also shares the same features and functionality as Avast on this list. It displays detailed statistics of the current health of your IOS device. The rest of the features are almost the same, like Email ID protection, data breach scan, and VPN services.

AVG also provides a safe vault, where users can save their important information such as images, videos, and other sensitive information. The vault can only be accessed by a password. Without a password, your data will not recover and may be lost permanently, because it uses a high encryption method to encrypt sensitive users’ data.

AVG offers very limited features on the free plan. The vault feature, VPN, and secure browsing feature required an active AVG subscription.

11. Norton Mobile Security – Best app for Blocking Spammy SMS on IOS device

Best Antivirus Apps for iOS
Best Antivirus Apps for iOS – Fig.11


  • SMS blocking functionality
  • Simple and Clean UI
  • Wifi Network Scanning
  • Data Breach & Anti-Theft Protection


  • No Free Trial or Free Features

Pricing: Paid plan starts at $17.99/month

Norton Security uses a new technique to protect your IOS devices. It relies on the signature and sometimes source code of the app to detect malicious activity or components of the app. You must register your account in Norton, to use it, even if you have no plan to buy a paid subscription.

But speaking of subscriptions, the app offers nothing free to use or try. You must need an active premium plan to use Norton. This is a downside of Norton’s security app.

When it comes to features, Norton’s features and not the same as other apps on this list. Wifi network scanning, data breach scan, VPN, and anti-theft protection. One feature that is important to mention here, is its spam SMS blocking feature.

12. Panda Security – Best Lightweight Security app for IOS

Best Antivirus Apps for iOS
Best Antivirus Apps for iOS – Fig.12


  • Free VPN
  • Simple and Straightforward features


  • Very Limited Features

Pricing: Free (Paid plan starts at $4.99/month)

Panda Security is another famous security app, that is used by many users from around the globe. Speaking of basic features, that includes real-time app scanning and scanning SD card files. Besides these features, this app has a very low impact on device performance.

And, when it comes to performance, we cannot forget the battery backup time. But don’t worry, Panda security not only uses fewer resources but also helps in increasing your battery backup time. It provides you a detailed statistics of battery performance & backup time.

Alongside performance benefits, Panda security also helps in increasing your privacy, by displaying the list of apps, along with the permissions of every app have access to.

Here is the summarization of Panda security features; Maintains battery backup time, Low impact on device performance, Increases privacy, Real-time app & SD card scanning.

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