10 Ways to Fix YouTube Not Working on Apple TV

As you know, Apple’s company goods are the first choice of most people. Due to its powerful processor and low price tag as compared to older model Apple TVs. It is getting much popularity among consumers.

But sometimes it is struck due to some system errors. One error among all of those is, YouTube doesn’t work well. So, here we will discuss the solution to YouTube TV not working on Apple TV. Here are some ways to solve this problem.

1: Check Network Connection

If there is any problem in working with YouTube, you should first check the Internet Connection. For a hurdle-free streaming on YouTube, you should have Ethernet connected to your Apple TV.

If it doesn’t support it and has a Wi-Fi-only kit, then we recommend you have a 5GHz frequency band on your TV’s dual-band router. The following are steps to check the network strength:

  1. Open Settings from the Apple TV home screen.
  2. Scroll to Network.
  3. Confirm the Wi-Fi connection with Tv at the top and check the strength of signal from the same menu.

You also have option to download the speedtester app from the tvOS and make sure the speed in Mbps(M/S) for un breakable YouTube experience.

2: Restart the Apple TV.

Sometime Tv acts weired and not work well, rebooting the Tv is best for some proper work.

  1. Open Settings app from Home screen of Apple TV.
  2. Them open “System” option.
  3. In maintenance section, press Restart.

If you have remote with siri support of Apple tv, you just hold the back and central control button until the light on Tv starts flashing. You will be dedicated to Apple support page if remote is of older generation.

3: Restarting the YouTube app

You can solve this issue by restarting the YouTube app again. Steps:

  1. On your Apple TV , press the central control button twice and you will be directed towards Apps menu.
  2. Swipe up the YouTube app to shut it thoroughly.
  3. Come back to home screen of tv and open YouTube again.

4: Force Close the YouTube app

If app doesn’t work well, do this:

  1. Double press the Home button from remote to launch the application switcher.
  2. Then find YouTube app and swipe up to quit the from running.
  3. Come back to main menu of Apple TV and try loading YouTube again.

5: Turn Off Match Content

Somtime screen gets black after the YouTube app is opened. This black screen occurs when Match rate is changes on your Apple TV. You must have to change the match rate to get rid of this issue.

  1. Open Settings app, and various options select Video and audio form
  2. Then select Match Content .
  3. Disable the Match Dynamic Range by choosing it.
  4. Then go back to Match Content, choose Match Frame Rate and disable it.

6: Make Sure Apple Tv storage.

If your Apple TV storage is full, then it shows errors while running the YouTube. Unfortunately, it doesn’t not provide the facility to check the storage space. So you need to have a third party app help and download it from App store to check it.

  1. Open App Store on Apple TV, Download the Storage Analysis app, it subscribes by 1$.
  2. Open the app and take a look at Storage breakdown.

If your device is running low on space then follow steps to cut out the irrelevant apps and data.

  1. Open Settings from home screen of Apple TV.
  2. Open General, and scroll to Manage Storage.
  3. Delete all the unnecessary data and junk from your Apple TV.

7: Authenticate your YouTube account again

YouTube may not work properly due to account outdated. If you recently changed your account password, then Sign out and Log In again with updated details.

  1. Open the YouTube app and open the account from side bar.
  2. Sign out then.

Then Sign In again to watch the continuous stream on YouTube.

8: Update YouTube and Apple TV

If the version of YouTube and the Apple TV you are using are out of date, then while working it may cause some errors. Following steps to update both:

Update YouTube on Apple TV

  1. Go to home screen of Apple TV, open the App Store
  2. In the search bar, search YouTube and if update is available, then click on update button.

Update Apple TV

  1. Launch Settings app.
  2. Go to system and software updates.
  3. If update is available then do it and see the results.

Once update is completed, and YouTube is still not working, then uninstall and reinstall it.

9: Have look on YouTube servers

If YouTube servers are down, then nothing trick will work, you can contact to Downdetector.com website on your phone or desktop and search for YouTube for confirmation of problem. Then you will have to wait for google to make the server in good phase.

10: Reinstall YouTube on Apple TV

When nothing trick does work then delete the app and install it again.

  1. First delete the YouTube app from your tv.
  2. Then, open the App Store and search for YouTube.
  3. Finally, download the YouTube app, and make account on it again.

Contact YouTube Customer service

After doing all the tips and tricks, YouTube is still not being able to work, then contact YouTube Customer service support and write text to them or send messages to YouTube Customer helping community to solve this problem.

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